User at the center: ranking factors of the Google Page Experience

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It is a concept that describes a number of key aspects of the on-page experience that those who own or manage a site must focus on to try to make each user’s navigation smooth and positive, and perhaps for the first time it introduces a set of quantifiable metrics to measure the quality of the experience provided. We’re talking about Page Experience, a set of signals used by Google’s ranking systems to evaluate pages for ranking in SERPs, which officially went into action as of June 2021.

What is Google’s Page Experience

Page Experience, or experience on pages in the translation chosen for Italian, is the new set of indicators launched by Google to measure how users interact with a web page, beyond its purely informational value, on both mobile devices and computers. In a nutshell, it is a set of key metrics to refer to in order to ensure that people who use our websites, pages and web applications receive the best experience we can offer them, and by meeting certain metrics and measurements.

To be precise, the Page Experience concept introduces Core Web Vitals as a new factor taken into consideration by Google’s algorithmic ranking systems, along with other on-page experience signals such as presence of HTTPS, optimization of the page for mobile devices (mobile-friendliness), absence of annoying