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Ideal for:
Who runs their own Blog or Corporate Site                                                                

€ 59
month + vat
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€ 47,25
Monthly equivalent

€ 567 + vat every 12 months

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Incluso nel piano

  • 2 Projects
  • 200 Monitorable Keywords
  • 500 scannable Pages



Ideal for:
Freelancers with small client portfolios or small businesses

€ 79
month + vat
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€ 63,25
Monthly equivalent

€ 759 + vat every 12 months

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Incluso nel piano

  • 10 Projects
  • 1000 monitorable Keywords
  • 1000 scannable Pages



Ideal for:
Web Agencies, SEO professionals and companies with an in-house SEO division

€ 169
month + vat
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€ 135,25
Monthly equivalent

€ 1.623 + vat every 12 months

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Incluso nel piano

  • 60 Projects
  • 6000 monitorable Keywords
  • 2000 scannable Pages



Ideal for:
Large communication companies and enterprises                         

€ 569
month + vat
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€ 455,25
Monthly equivalent

€ 5.463 + vat every 12 months

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Incluso nel piano

  • Infinite Projects
  • 30.000 monitorable Keywords
  • 3000 scannable Pages
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How does the subscription work?

By subscribing, monthly or yearly, you activate your chosen plan for the selected duration, with automatic renewal; within 3 business days of payment you will receive your invoice. For all information and details, see the Terms and Conditions document.

What does "Project" mean?

With SEOZoom you can enter a single site per project to monitor its most up-to-date statistics on traffic and returns of its keywords and pages, so you can better work on optimization.

The number of Projects available depends on the type of subscription you choose: 2 for Lite, 10 for Professional, 60 for Business, infinite for Corporate.

What payment methods are available?

The payment methods currently available are:

  • PayPal -> recurring
  • Payment card-> recurring
  • Bank Transfer -> non-recurring (not a direct debit)

Does the subscription have time constraints?

There are no time constraints: if you choose the monthly subscription, you can purchase and use SEOZoom for as little as one month, two or more. You just have to manage the renewal and deactivate it if you see fit, making sure to request the deactivation before the actual plan expiration date.

For the annual subscription, on the other hand, you will pay the total amount at once and will be able to use the suite’s tools for 12 months, precisely.

How many Users can I create?

In the Lite and Professional plans, access is available only for 1 user. In the Business and Corporate plans there is simultaneous user access: 2 and 5 accesses, respectively.

For each plan, there also is a specific and view-only access to Projects, a useful way to show clients or collaborators the main data of the individual project.

Finally, each subscription makes available user-specific accesses to the Editorial Plan: 1 access for Lite, 5 for Professional, 10 for Business, and 20 for Corporate. This is a suitable feature for those who want to involve copywriters in writing their content or coordinate an editorial team.

What does Results per Search mean?

It is the amount of results you can view and analyze for each search you perform on SEOZoom.

Is there an option to customize the subscription?

Once you subscribe, you can customize your plan with dedicated add-ons and thus increase, for example, the number of Projects or Keywords that can be monitored, or pages that can be scanned by our SEO Spider.

SEO Spider: what does the number of scans indicate? Is it monthly?

The number of scans indicated for each plan corresponds to how many scans you can start with the SEO Spider at the same time: you can start them even several times a day, it is not a monthly limit.