No more technical errors holding your site back

SEOZoom’s Spider thoroughly analyzes your website by identifying any errors in the code and incorrect use of TAGs important for SEO.

It checks all the technical parameters “invisible” to the naked eye that describe the structural characteristics of your domain and can make a difference on performance.

A step forward in site management

SEOZoom SEO Spider
SEOZoom SEO Spider

Find the flaws to fix as soon as possible

  • Identify serious issues and flaws
  • Get an overview of the site
  • Find duplicates and missing information
  • Check the HTTP status code of pages
  • Access data wherever you are

Uncover more or less serious issues, anomalies and technical obstacles that can affect your site’s performance on Google

Detect and fix errors

SEO Spiders are complex software, but we have simplified it for you!

“ERROR” and “WARNING” filters group the various issues to take action on, so you immediately identify priorities for action

A broad and informed view of technical aspects A broad and informed view of technical aspects

Not all items are a “problem” and carry equal weight: use information strategically

No additional software No additional software

The tool is completely usable from the web: websites are scanned by hundreds of spiders provided by the suite, without wasting your computer’s resources