SERPs and sites monitored at all times

Observatory is the section of the suite that provides you with two different up-to-date tools to monitor what is happening outside of your site.

SERP Observatory is a set of data on Google search result pages and current movements, while ZA Observatory is an ongoing focus on the distribution of all sites ranked according to Zoom Authority, our proprietary metric that objectively assesses the quality of a domain in Google’s eyes.

With these tools you will be able to keep an eye on and anticipate trends and changes currently taking place, both in SERPs and in Google’s evaluations of all ranked sites.

An up-to-date and accurate monitoring for your strategies

SEOZoom SERP Observatory
SEOZoom SERP Observatory

Check out the SERPs weather

Check the volatility of positions in real time

  • Follow the variability of Google’s first pages on all keywords
  • Contextualize the variations on your site in the overall landscape
  • Check trends over even larger time periods

Eyes wide open on the SERPs!

When there is high variability between results, something is happening and you need to try to figure out how to fix it.

Keep an eye on the effects of algorithmic updates with our statistics and give better context to what is happening.

Remember: SEO is an ecosystem!

Keep up with Google and its updates Keep up with Google and its updates

Find out immediately if there is any algorithmic update going on in the search engine, revolutionizing the positions

Check all ZA variations Check all ZA variations

The distribution of dom