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In the Reports area you can find features and tools that allow you to get overall overviews of the health of your site, to share with collaborators and clients or to use to better analyze the returns, critical issues and potential areas of development of the project you are following.

The SEO report is a complex document of analysis of a site that can help you monitor visits, check which pages get more appreciation and, more generally, bring together in one file the parameters useful for improving the project and content. SEOZoom offers you a drag-and-drop editing tool that allows you to make a customized document that suits your needs, inserting widgets with data from your projects directly into the layout of the report, so you can take a snapshot of the progress of a site and its main components.

The Time Machine is the ideal tool for identifying what has caused unexplained drops in traffic to the site: by jumping back in time, you can find out which pages have lost traffic and which keywords have had slumps in ranking. With this analysis you will be able to see in detail which areas of your website have undergone changes, and knowing the changes will help you to take corrective action, because the tool goes beyond the single keyword to focus on what has happened to your pages.

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SEO Reports
SEO Reports

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Inform clients, colleagues, or stakeholders about your site’s search engine performance and highlight the fruits of your SEO optimization efforts

  • Simple and intuitive dashboard
  • Present the results of the work you have performed on the project with data and graphs
  • Take advantage of all SEOZoom tools to perform comprehensive SEO analysis

Customize your document for clients

You can set up as many aspects as you deem important: enter the title, sections, a text and then start generating your report.

Speed up the work by creating ready-to-use templates and schedule weekly submissions so you don’t miss any updates.

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