The control room of your website

The heart of your SEO activity starts here: SEOZoom keeps everything in check and takes care of every important aspect.

By entering a project site you can view the most up-to-date statistics on its traffic and returns, simplifying your work thanks to the daily checks made by the tool and accurate data to plan your strategy, check its effectiveness and make better decisions.

Moreover, thanks to the power of the machines and algorithms, you can build table visualization and grid sorting in the most useful way to your strategy and working methodology, and with the Filter Builder you have total freedom to filter keywords in any way possible to customize and refine your analysis and investigation, even grouping data by URL to more quickly identify the pages on which to focus your attention.

Climbing the SERPs starts here

SEOZoom Project Overview
SEOZoom Project Overview

Total control over keywords and pages

SEOZoom shows you all the data dedicated to the domain you are monitoring

  • Optimize Crawl Budget, avoid any waste
  • Boost the pages that yield the most
  • Clean up the site of errors and problems
  • Update and optimize content
  • Discover the potential of your web pages
  • Spy on competitors’ strategies
  • Increase your opportunities to profit

Make the most of SEOZoom!

From the projects you can monitor keywords, thanks to the tracking feature that tracks ranking improvements or deteriorations, analyze the backlinks you receive, but also spy on your competition and get important information about the status of your site.

Speed and efficiency at your service! Speed and efficiency at your service!

Dozens of engines will keep tabs on your site’s performance every day.

Get on the trail of competitors Get on the trail of competitors

Don’t just manage your own site: add your competitors’ sites to the Project so to monitor and study them closely.

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