Writing from an SEO perspective has never been easier!

SEOZoom’s editorial tools section helps you at every stage of writing content for a website: write competitive content and don’t lose sight of what is important to users and Google!

Thanks to our tools you can find out the main terms for each topic, identify the main industry news, manage an editorial plan, perform OnPage keyword analysis and know the relevance of a term.

What’s more, with SEOZoom’s Editorial Assistant you can leverage Artificial Intelligence to support the creation of articles optimized for SEO and for satisfying the users’ search intent, based on the analysis of competitors, keywords and relevant topics.

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Editorial Plan Management
Editorial Plan Management

A comprehensive management system for editors

Coordinate and monitor all copywriters working on your project

  • Set up an editorial calendar effectively
  • Write new SEO-oriented articles
  • Boost all editorial content on the site
  • Discover article performance
  • Commission articles from internal or external copywriters
  • Monitor the results of copywriters connected to the project