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Are you looking for clarification on how the suite works or the terms of use? Here you can find quick answers to your doubts

SEOZoom is an SEO tool, the first and even more complete Italian tool that allows you to manage all aspects of Search Engine Optimization, search engine optimization activities.

It is a total suite for search marketing, with keyword, page and website analysis tools that allow professionals and companies to manage all aspects of SEO activities to improve a site’s visibility on search engines like Google. Basically, it provides a control room to have access to statistics, data, and charts that are crucial in decision making and strategic activities for monitoring the market and competitors, to meet the needs of all professionals who, directly or indirectly, deal with digital marketing.

The platform’s more than 40 tools are suitable for all jobs and all types of users: it is possible to analyze, monitor, compare and enhance a website of any type, from blog to eCommerce, from newspaper to entertainment site and so on.

SEOZoom is international: in addition to the Italian database, which is the largest and most comprehensive on the market, the subscription includes automatic access to data from Google versions in the UK, Germany, France and Spain, for those who want to analyze the performance of their sites located in these European countries.

Currently, there are four SEOZoom plans, each designed to suit the different needs of customer types and professionalism: Lite, Professional, Business, Corporate.

You can choose between monthly or annual subscription, and the cost of subscriptions ranges from a minimum of 59 euros to 569 euros for monthly plans and from 567 to 5463 euros (all prices excluding VAT) for annual plans.

In addition, the functionality provided by a “standard” plan can be expanded through the purchase of Add-on Packages for additional features. Currently, Add-ons allow you to increase the number of Projects, Keyword Packages, Editorial Plan Copywriter Accounts, Concurrent Accesses, but also to increase the SEO Spider crawl limits and enable integration with Looker Studio (for Business and Corporate plans only).

SEOZoom is a business intelligence tool that gives quick access to strategic SEO information, providing a clear and quick overview of the performance of all websites, with a focus on personal sites, which can be added to a “Project” for more frequent and accurate monitoring.

With this support, any user can check millions of keywords on Google, study the moves of competitors, define the best strategies to optimize site content, and get technical guidance to identify and correct any problems blocking the performance of their online business. In addition, the suite gives you the ability to know right away what is working in your SEO strategy and what aspects, on the other hand, need to be corrected in order to bring your site to reach its full performance potential.

More specifically, with SEOZoom it is possible to work on OnPage SEO interventions, technical SEO optimization, and OffPage SEO strategies for any type of site, and in particular monitor websites’ performance on Google, identify users’ search intentions, analyze traffic volumes, study competitors, and get editorial planning support, all completely in real time to always have quality information.

SEOZoom was created to help professionals, but also less experienced users, to develop the full potential of every type of site, automating thanks to complex algorithms analyses that are extremely complicated to obtain manually and proposing immediate solutions to solve problems and make content and pages more efficient.

It is therefore a strategic ally for making every online activity, from the simplest to the most complex, more profitable and performant, and ensures professional SEO management for every site and project, with constantly evolving and constantly updated tools.

Using SEOZoom, even those with limited experience in the field or unfamiliarity with the tools will be able to succeed in a short time to work more strategically, optimize the performance of their site and analyze all the competitors in the market, in order to optimize their work and online activities.

The data provided by SEOZoom is used to intervene and recover on the most important keywords for one’s site and to improve page performance overall: these are metrics and insights that help a site grow, also because they are based on a larger sample of keywords than competitors and on so much other valuable information for page optimization.

With a simple interface and intuitive controls, all of the platform’s tools are easy to understand and use from the first access, even those designed for a more technical and in-depth level of expertise. In addition, each tool has a brief description that explains its use and clarifies the usefulness of the data provided.

To delve deeper into how all the tools work, it is then possible in each section to refer to the Online Manual, which provides a detailed, step-by-step guide to using the tools and features, with various application tips.

SEOZoom also provides a direct, real-time support system that can be reached through various channels, including social; in particular, on the YouTube channel it is possible to find video tutorials, guides, training webinars and other content related to the platform’s tools and general SEO and search marketing topics, while the Facebook group has quickly become an online community for dialogue and discussion on the suite’s tools and beyond.

Finally, included in the subscription is support via email or through live chat with a live operator connected from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. (GMT+1) every weekday, ready to answer any questions or specific requests.

To terminate your subscription to SEOZoom, simply disable automatic renewal from the Billing section of the suite by clicking on Cancel automatic payments.

If the user has chosen payment by wire transfer, the subscription will lapse on expiration without the need for further action.

If you have any questions, you can contact the dedicated support via the site chat.

Like all SEO tools, SEOZoom does not measure direct accesses to the site, but it works out an estimate on accesses by monitoring the keywords in its database and their positions on Google, consequently calculating the potential value of a site’s organic traffic.

Wanting to be even more precise, SEOZoom does not read visits but calculates the potential value of a site’s organic traffic, whether desktop or mobile, by analyzing the keywords for which a domain is ranked on Google. Specifically, SEOZoom’s estimates are based on algorithmic functions that proportionally relate Google ranking and potential traffic, with obvious dominance for the number one spot.

Unlike competing tools, the great advantage of SEOZoom is the size of the keyword sample, which is much larger than any other tool while still remaining a sample and, therefore, able to present a partial and theoretical view of a site’s organic traffic figure.

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