What is SEO today and what are its challenges? We talked about this at SMXL 2021

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An intense two days of contributions, thoughts and discussions on what the SEO means today and, in general, on the current state of the web and search marketing, struggling with the transformation imposed (also) by the pandemic: as always, the closure of SMXL brings with it many ideas and ideas to be implemented in the everyday practice, and the 2021 edition was certainly no exception.

What is SEO today, the answer at SMXL 2021

And so, particularly focusing on the search engine optimization activity, what actually is SEO today, what are the current trends and daily challenges for those who want to improve their pages and get more visibility and revenue on Google?

From the still virtual stage of SMXL 2021, the answer came from the interiors of over 20 national and international professionals, protagonists of the various speeches that have widened the field of discussion to different contexts and experiences in the definition of best practices to draw from in your everyday work. And just this great variety of views remains one of the strengths of the event, which brought together a group of internationally famous speakers.

I Chairmen di SMXL 21

One of the most interesting ideas that emerges from their insights is the common perception they have of the SEO, which is increasingly defined as a set of experiences, ecosystem, mix of activities that intertwine to achieve the desired goal of “visibility”: all the experts, therefore, agree in thinking of the SEO as a multi-channel and multi-topic strategy, where you can no longer proceed for individual and unrelated optimization interventions, but we need to work towards the single goal that must be the satisfaction of the user’s search intent and the achievement of the quality required by Google.

In this sense, even the canonical distinction of the three main areas of interest – onpage, onsite, offsite – only serves as a simplification of activity, but is not to be interpreted as a distinction between those that are parts of the same set, because SEO nowadays has a strong technical soul and an equally strong strategic and multidisciplinary soul.

Expert considerations on the SEO ecosystem

For these reasons, the program of the SEO session led by our Ivano Di Biasi spoke about geolocation and international activities, with the interventions of Veruska Anconitano (which defined localization as crucial because it makes content understandable, interesting and personalized) and Giulio Gargiullo, who in particular focused on the huge digital market of Russia and on Yandex, the most used search engine in that area; we also talked about the study of the entities, to perform and use in order to make topic optimization, as suggested by Dan Taylor; of semantic search and intent match, that was covered by Marco Ronco, Elisa Contessotto and Verdiana Amorosi.

But we also