SEOZoom is a complete SEO suite Analyze, monitor and enhance your website with more than 40 SEO tools.

SEOZoom analyzes SERPs, the users' search intents, and competitor web pages in real time to always provide you with quality information.
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Page Performance
Page Performance

The global vision

Manage crawl budget for higher performance

SEOZoom helps you see the results you could get with minimal effort: be guided by the data to improve your content.

  • Optimize Crawl Budget, avoid any waste
  • Boost the pages that are the most profitable
  • Update and optimize content
  • Discover the potential of your web pages
  • Spy on competitors’ strategies
  • Increase your earning opportunities

Find out now the value of a site

The Zoom Authority: a reliable value to understand how much Google likes a site

  • It expresses the authority of all sites with a score from 0 to 100
  • Neutral and non-manipulable data: organic traffic, trust, stability and growth opportunities
  • Reliable and useful: it does not only calculate backlinks or other assumed and partial signals
  • With Topical Zoom Authority you can evaluate each site within its market sector
The metric is always evolving and adapting to Google’s changes

Monitor your SEO projects

SEOZoom takes care of every important aspect

  • Track positions and SERPs
  • Find and fix any weak spot
  • Intuitive and easy to interpret metrics
  • Comprehensive audits and reports
  • Spy on competitors
  • Performance checks
  • Backlink analysis
Dozens of engines will keep tabs on your site’s performance every day.


Write perfect articles

An Editorial Assistant tailored to editors and bloggers

  • Enhance all editorial content on the site
  • Identify relevant keywords and topics
  • Create useful text aligned with the true needs of people and Google
  • Analyze in real time the work done by your competitors who are getting more traffic
  • Speed up your work with the Generative Artificial Intelligence toolset
Ideal support for every site and content


Mobile App

The SEO solution in your pocket!

Bring the power of SEOZoom data directly into your hands. Designed to provide agile and streamlined access to key information about your SEO projects, the SEOZoom app allows you to monitor the most important keywords and pages for your site, wherever you are.

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