Useful content: how to create effective texts for Google and SEO

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Offering added value to users, answering their questions, solving problems or providing them with food for thought and entertainment. In short, this is what “writing useful content” means, the new formula that Google has been using for some time now to describe the characteristics that determine effective texts in its evaluations, flanking the classic expression “quality content” that from its origins encapsulated the direction to be pursued in order to hope for success (albeit in the ambiguity and polyvalence of the term quality). In short, especially after the introduction of Helpful Content system, the keyword (adjective, to be precise) is really useful, and so let’s then go to see what useful content means for Google, how to write effective texts and what are the writing processes that can help us achieve the desired results.

What useful content means

Useful content is text that answers users’ questions and does so in a comprehensive, reliable and satisfying way. More specifically, for Google, useful content is content created primarily to help people by providing information that is accurate, reliable, and relevant to the needs and search intentions of online users.

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SEO is constantly evolving, we know, and in addition to technical aspects and general page optimizations, it is more necessary than ever to pay attention precisely to the textual aspect, which remains one of the first elements that Google’s algorithms analyze and evaluate for ranking purposes and which contributes to building a site’s authority and visibility in the rankings.

Emphasizing the presence of the adjective “useful” next to the term content therefore means reminding everyone – beginners in SEO and beyond – that in order to rank well in Google, it is no longer enough to optimize a text for keywords, but to write information that is really valid, beneficial and interesting to users.

The characteristics of useful content

The expression “useful content” refers as mentioned to a precise upd