AI to write texts: tools and techniques for generating content

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As of the end of 2022, artificial intelligence has gone from being something extremely futuristic to a present and everyday reality, even for those with little knowledge of the digital world. In just a few months we have seen this technology transform (or threaten to transform) manufacturing, customer service and financial sectors, and its applications have not “spared” digital marketing and SEO either. In particular, content generation via artificial intelligence is the topic of the moment, and AI content generators aim to make content marketing more efficient and cost-effective: of course, “all that glitters is not gold,” but we will see how it is possible to integrate new technologies with the author’s experience and skills and be able to write SEO-performing texts more effectively and quickly.

Artificial intelligence for writing text: everything you need to know

No longer confined to the realms of science fiction, AI tools are now an integral part of the toolbox of those working in the digital sphere, especially in the field of writing. Indeed, these tools are redefining content creation practices, offering unprecedented possibilities for content creators and SEO professionals.

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Among the most innovative applications of Artificial Intelligence – and those that have also made the most “hold” in the global collective imagination – is precisely automatic text writing, which promises to speed up the work of copywriters and those who need to use content for various purposes. Thanks to the use of sophisticated algorithms and machine learning systems, particularly on language models trained on vast datasets of existing texts, today artificial intelligence is able to generate text autonomously, without direct human intervention during the writing process: the copywriter (but really any person, literally) only needs to provide an initial input, which can be a keyword, a phrase or even a more complex prompt. This triggers the process that launches the AI to begin generating text, constructing a word-by-word or sentence-by-sentence response based on the probabilities learned during training and the mechanism of transformative neural networks, which are particularly effective at processing sequences of data, such as text, to generate consistent and often surprisingly human output.

Writing with artificial intelligence does not mean abdicating the role of copywriter, however: AI can be a valuable tool for speeding up work, generating new ideas, and improving content, but human creativity and expertise remain irreplaceable-and we will elaborate on this unique aspect later. Not least because it is important to remember t