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Loved and hated by SEO specialists, featured snippets represent that privileged section of the SERPs where Google provides immediate answers to users’ questions, and which stand out from the rest of the results for their eye-catching design. A concrete expression of Google’s evolution toward an answer engine, featured snippets are still at the center of a debate between those who precisely love them by appreciating their visibility benefits and those who fear their negative impact on traffic because they erode clicks to the site. So let’s explore the nature of these “special snippets” and strategies for obtaining them to gain a prominent position in search results pages and increase CTR toward the site.

What Google featured snippets are

A featured snippet is a presentation format of search results that Google displays prominently in certain SERPs to directly answer a user’s query.

This snippet is automatically selected by the search engine to provide a quick answer, often without the user having to click on a link. The content of a featured snippet can be a paragraph, a list, a table, or even a video, and is processed differently than standard snippets to make it more readable and immediately understandable.

How many featured snippets does your site have? What about your competitors?

Analyze your site’s featured snippets and find out if this feature is taking traffic away from you or providing you with more visibility

They are called featured snippets because they place attention on the “snippet,” or page description, reversing the usual presentation used by search engines. In fact, as Google explains, normally the description of a page follows the list of links in SERPs, while with featured snippets the content excerpt is highlighted over the rest of the information and shown first.

These snippets literally appear above the traditional organic results, in a privileged position that has generated the name “Position Zero” that we also use in SEOZoom. Featured snippets are also known by the expressions featured snippet or featured snippet, which likewise refer to their main characteristics, which also distinguish them from the classic Googl