WMF 2023: the SEOZoom stage is back, here is the schedule

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An educational internship dedicated to various corners of SEO, with experts from our team tackling some of the major pieces of the complex puzzle of search engine optimization work to provide food for thoughts and practical insights you can apply to your own strategies. Exactly one month from now, on June 16, the curtain rises on the SEOZoom Room at WMF2023 with a special day of study and insight into SEO, designed to offer attendees tips and tricks for improving their sites’ returns (in part) with the support of our suite.

SEOZoom stage at WMF2023: the program and talks

Five speeches linked by a common thread, i.e., our classic mixed approach between theory and practice that, more precisely, proposes data, practical references and tested results to always offer the right amount of theoretical advice and operational guidance adapted to each type of site and context.

The program of the SEOZoom hall at WMF 2023 in Rimini, scheduled for June 16, aims to guide participants to discover some of the cornerstones of modern SEO activity that can serve to improve a site’s organic visibility, turning the spotlight on five different areas of operation. Specifically, the topics at the heart of the speeches are onpage optimization of the site, reading a technical SEO Audit, basic operations management, content work and, finally, implementing truly effective link building.

The topics at the center of the SEOZoom event at Rimini 2023

Opening the SEOZoom Room at WMF23 will be our CEO, Ivano Di Biasi, who will give an overview of “Common Website Issues that Limit Organic Traffic and Economic Growth,” taking an operational approach based on the Problem/Solution/Impact process. Put another way, Ivano will highlight some common critical areas of onpage SEO where a site may encounter difficulties – such as wrong titles, wrong intent or cannibalization of pages, which is dangerous especially between e-Commerce site and its blog – and which risk limiting its potential, blocking its organic traffic and therefore its economic growth, but most importantly he will show cases related to different types of business and industry, leading to the construction of a Problem/Solution/Impact workflow to define the correct response strategies.

We will then move on to technical SEO with our CTO, Giuseppe Liguori, who will take us through an understanding of how an SEO Audit is conducted and read, identifying all critical areas of the site, from technical to strategic. The starting point of the operations, in fact, should be to determine the priorities of the issues – drops in traffic, difficulties in growth or more – also with respect to their real impact on the project, and then investigate in depth some purely technical aspects and those that are instead real errors in strategy.

Our Elisa Contessotto, on the other hand, will be the coach who proposes 5 simple daily exercises to keep every site always in shape: in fact, every online project needs constant training to always have an optimal shape and present itself at its best to users and search engines, and as personal trainers of our sites we have to make sure that our project is strong – to be competitive, agile, able to adapt to external changes – and flexible, to create always new connections. In her talk, Elisa will translate this metaphor into daily exercises to improve each site, between strategic management of the editorial plan, internal linking or enhancement of old content.

Artificial Intelligence applied to various fields of work is undoubtedly the hottest topic of the last months, and SEO has been no exception, especially for the possible declinations of strategic writing: Gennaro Mancini will try to show the “third way” that opens in front of copywriting professionals, who can be “neither apocalyptic nor integrated.” That is, artificial intelligence does not have to scare SEO copywriters, but a responsible and balanced approach is needed to guide and exploit it in the work of writing, because we cannot ignore these technologies or derubricate them as a marginal phenomenon. In his lecture we will then see what can be a conscious process of strategic writing with SEOZoom’s Editorial Assistant editor, which integrates artificial intelligence text generation features and allows us to create content suitable for today’s web more effectively and quickly, supporting us throughout the editorial creation and development process.

Closing the proceedings will again be Ivano Di Biasi, who tackles the topic of link building “without bias,” starting with the most modern theory and definitions of this activity and then going on to explain its current significance for Google and thus for SEO. The starting point of his reflection is that it is often the context in which our site operates that makes the difference and determines the weight of backlinks, and therefore to make the campaign effective we need to learn how to evaluate websites for link acquisition, monitor the links we receive, and also understand in advance what results we can achieve with well-constructed strategies, as the analysis of various case studies shows.

WMF 2023: practical information

Now in its 11th edition, WMF – We Make Future is Italy’s leading International Trade Fair and Festival on Technological and Digital Innovation and is being held this year from June 15-17, 2023 at the Rimini Trade Fair. As mentioned, the SEOZoom-branded event is scheduled for the day of Friday, June 16, at the same time as the other side events and mainstage activities, and tickets can be purchased directly from the official website of the kermesse.

Our team will also be present with its usual booth in the exhibitors’ area (so we look forward to seeing you there for a hello and some chit-chat! ), and for the readers of the blog there is also an interesting surprise: in fact, by inserting the coupon “sponsor149” during purchase, until May 30 you can buy a Full Ticket for the WMF with a special discount, i.e. 149 € + vat, and thus have full access to the kermesse, which offers not only the “most comprehensive training program in the world” on technological, digital and social innovation, but also a real festival without limits, with many networking moments in the expo area up to the concerts,

According to official information, dozens of speakers and guests from around the world are also involved for the 2023 edition, who will bring visions, studies and new insights for the future to the various stages of the event, which is preparing to welcome more than 60,000 participants and a parterre of more than 1,000 speakers from 85 countries. Among the personalities already confirmed, great excitement and anticipation surrounds the eminence of computer science Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, who will address the WMF audience precisely on June 16, bringing his own experience and his idea of web development, offering an analysis of current trends and future prospects for his creature.