Brand loyalty, a guide to a customer’s loyalty toward the brand

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It is the positive association that consumers attribute to a particular product or brand, which is demonstrated through a continuous preference despite the alternatives proposed by competitors. Known for a long time in marketing, today, brand loyalty becomes increasingly relevant online and the Web offers new opportunities for companies to improve their image and build meaningful relationships with customers: this loyalty in fact does not arise spontaneously, but is the result of strategic and patient build up by the brand, and today we will see what exactly brand loyalty is and how it can be developed.

What brand loyalty is

Brand loyalty represents the loyalty of the consumer to a specific brand, which derives from a positive feeling perceived towards that brand and is shown concretely in the purchase preferences, oriented mainly and in the first place always towards products and services of the same brand.

In fact, in marketing theories, brand loyalty is also defined as the customary preference of a consumer towards a brand for a certain category of products/services, which is consistently repeated and brings over time, continuously, to prefer the products/services of a specific brand at the expense of those of competitors.

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More precisely, US academic Richard L. Oliver stressed in a study published by the American Marketing Association that the loyalty of a consumer is “the commitment to buy again a particular product or service in the future regardless of the influences of the context and the marketing efforts that have the potential to lead to a change of behaviour”.

Loyalty to a brand is manifested when consumers perceive that the brand in question uniquely meets their needs or desires, thus creating a strong emotional connection. This connection, emotional and psychological, not only incentivizes repeated purchases from the same brand, but also often leads to consumer defending the brand in conversations with fri