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It is not just any day and not just a date in the (marketing) calendar: March 8 is increasingly a time for reflection and celebration of women’s impact in history and contemporary society, moving beyond even the “old” concept of celebration that has accompanied this occasion for so long. The day takes on an even deeper meaning in an era when the Web amplifies the voices and stories of women from all over the world, so we wanted to do an analysis of the most searched women on Google in 2023, to find out what are the emerging trends and which female figures are imposing themselves in the collective imagination.

The most searched women on Google, a snapshot of today’s society

Our overview allows us to have an interesting cross-section of contemporary society: in fact, discovering which are the most searched women on Google in Italy and in the world means getting in touch with stories of talent, success, social and political commitment, which can become are a source of inspiration for all women fighting for a more equitable and inclusive future.

A goal perfectly in line with the intentions of March 8, which is now no longer just a “holiday” to celebrate women or a day to donate/receive mimosas, but an International Day to reflect on the progress made and the challenges still ahead in the fight for gender equality. All the more so on this day, then, it is important not only to recognize the progress made toward gender equality, but more importantly to mind the challenges that still persist.

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Our article, in an inevitably superficial way, will therefore take us through a few stories of the women who have left a significant imprint on the collective consciousness and public imagination in the past year, while also exploring why they have made an impact and the resonance they have found.

It is therefore an opportunity to honor the achievements of women in every field, from politics to science, from music to film, and above all to pay tribute to all the women who, every day, through their work and passion, continue to build a more equitable world full of opportunities for all.

The 5 most searched women on Google Italy in 2023

A diverse group that represents different spheres of society and also tells the interests of Italians – as well as the topics that arouse the most attention and curiosity.

La top 5 delle donne più googlate

The top 5 of searches on Google Italy in 2023 related to female personalities reveals that in our country gossip continues to be a central topic of public debate, but also that there is a new model of “woman” imposing herself, more self-aware and fully in control of her choices.

Unsurprisingly, the ranking is dominated by Chiara Ferragni, who experienced a roller-coaster 2023: until December, searches for this query had had a linear trend (apart from a peak in February, in conjunction with the Sanremo Festival in which the “Blonde Salad” led the first and last evenings, amid monologues and various controversies), but towards the end of the year the “Pandoro-gate” broke out, which completely turned the picture upside down, as we also reported when talking about web reputation.

In second place, on the other hand, we find Giorgia Meloni: an almost “expected” result, because we are talking about the first woman to assume the position of Prime Minister in Italy. Certainly, her rise to power has led to increased interest in her person and ideas, and her often polarizing political positions have also generated heated public debate. It is also interesting to note that female politics in Italy still produces interest (or at least curiosity), because searches for “Elly Schlein” (secretary of the Democratic Party) also saw a sharp increase in 2023, nearing the top-5.

Rounding out the podium of the most googled women of last year is Annalisa, who dominated the music charts in the summer months and beyond thanks to the hits “Bellissima” and “Mon Amour,” which drove the success of the album “E poi siamo finiti nel vortice”; but a big spike was also found in mid-June, when Annalisa married Francesco Muglia, a testament to how much gossip matters (still!) in our country.

Elodie, another queen of Italian music and (also) of society news, is the fourth most popular female name in Italy in 2023: her year began with the release on Paramount + of the film “I eat your heart” (in which she is the lead actress as well as the author of the soundtrack), continued with the participation in the Sanremo Festival with the song “Due” and the summer hit “Pazza Musica” (in collaboration with Marco Mengoni) and then ended with the tour that touched several Italian stages; in the background, then, there were several “paparazzi” of the singer with her partner, Andrea Iannone.

Closing out the top five ranking is still the “show+gossip” mix generated by searches for Ilary Blasi: her divorce with Francesco Totti has been a trending topic for many months and had a surge of interest at the end of the year, when Netflix launched “Unica,” the documentary-interview in which Blasi tells the story from her point of view.

Analysis of the most searched keywords with SEOZoom

In addition to the Google Trends charts, SEOZoom’s data also confirm these trends, and in particular the analysis we can perform with the Trend Prediction tool. The keyword [Chiara Ferragni], for example, had a surge in search volume in February (estimated at 1.5 million searches versus the historicized figure of 368,000) and December (also 1.5 million versus 673,000), and the same is true for [Giorgia Meloni] and the other queries, for which current interest has practically doubled compared to previous trends.

Delving further with our keyword research tools, such as Keyword Infinity, we can see some interesting trends.

Tendenze per quanto guadagna chiara ferragni

For example, in February 2023 there was a very strong increase for the volume of searches for [how much does chiara ferragni earn], a curiosity that was (re)aroused during the period of the last Sanremo Festival and then also rose again in October, when the influencer herself posted shots on Instagram with which she showed off her new extra-luxury home and, in another post, her closet filled only with handbags (worth an estimated more than half a million euros!).

Volumi di ricerca nuovi per giorgia meloni marito

Gossip does not spare even the Italian premier: in fact, among the most searched keywords related to Giorgia Meloni is [giorgia meloni husband], which has been trending upward throughout the year, also following the flow of news concerning journalist Andrea Giambruno, Giorgia Meloni’s partner (and father of Ginevra), who ended up at the center of various controversies for some unfortunate exits on the airwaves and, above all, for the spread of a series of out-of-the-waves that provoked a national media case, culminating in the separation between the two.

Annalisa è incinta? la curiosità del web

Annalisa’s private life has also been the subject of Internet users’ searches; having said marriage, another trending keyword has been [annalisa pregnant], a doubt that “exploded” in July and then peeped back at other times of the year.

Tendenze per fidanzato elodie

While she was busy on the Ariston stage, then, Elodie was also queen of Web searches, particularly after the relationship with Andrea Iannone was made official: just in February, the query [elodie boyfriend] marked a sharp jump over the previous average, the result precisely of a renewed interest driven (again) by a number of posts on social media that saw the couple in moments of shared happiness.

l'evoluzione delle ricerche per "totti ilary blasi"

Instead, it is a “bursting couple” the one formed by [totti ilary blasi], which in 2023 have continued to rage on the sites and magazines of pink news, also due to the continuous developments of the affair and the divorce between the two well-known personalities. Analyzing the peaks in the graph below (the query is “new,” emerged in 2023, so there is no historical data yet) we can motivate the February interest with the officialization of the relationship between Ilary and Bastian Muller, while the July one could be related to the first “anniversary” of the divorce between Ilary and Totti, precisely.

In short, beyond the simple gossip and scandal aspect, these analyses confirm to us a crucial aspect: in order to manage an editorial plan we must not leave out any source, and we must always monitor everything that happens around us, which can have a strong impact on SERPs.


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The 5 most searched women on Google USA in 2023

We are in the midst of the era of Taylor Swift, who dominates not only the music charts, but also public debates and gossip, particularly over her relationship with professional football player Travis Kelce (tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, with whom he won the last two Super Bowls). 2023 was the year of the “Eras” world tour, which analysts estimated to have had a staggering economic impact, yielding a record $850 million!

top 5 delle donne più googlate in USA

In second and third place, at a strong distance, are two other icons of world music and the ultimate expression of “women power” such as Rihanna and Beyoncé. The latter launched the “Renaissance” tour in the summer, which sold 2.7 million tickets and grossed nearly $600 million in 56 shows, while also becoming a fashion line and a movie. Rihanna, on the other hand, experienced a surge in searches in February – at her pregnant performance during the Super Bowl LVII halftime show (the most-watched in the show’s history, with more than 121 million viewers in the U.S. alone) – and again in the summer, when she gave birth to her second son Riot Rose.

The fourth most searched female name on Google USA in 2023 is still related to the world of music and is Miley Cyrus, who in 2023 released the album “Endless Summer Vacation,” which was particularly well-received by critics and the public, thanks in part to the traction of the single “Flowers,” which won two Grammy Awards in the categories “recording of the year” and “best solo pop performance.”

Finally, closing out the top five most googled characters is Margot Robbie, the emblem of the “Barbie” phenomenon and the performer (as well as producer) of the Greta Gerwig-directed film that dominated movie box office worldwide (but which did not convince the Academy Awards jury to nominate the two women for the Oscars for “best actress” and “best director,” as per the controversy that erupted at the end of the year).

In this regard, we should actually note that the “real” most searched female character of 2023 on Google-and the only query that can counter Taylor Swift-is actually Barbie, as we can see in this direct comparison on Trends!

Confronto tra Taylor Swift e Barbie

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