The 2024 digital marketing calendar: all the dates not to be missed

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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and in the context of the attention economy, planning and timing are crucial and can make the difference between a successful campaign and one that falls short of its goals and goes unnoticed. That’s why we thought of making this digital marketing calendar, which groups (broadly yet not exhaustively!) the major holidays, international days, events and special occasions related to the digital and communication world. An updated calendar for the year 2024 that brings together in one place key dates for all marketing, content, PR and social media planning needs, providing not only a reminder, but also a strategic guide to make the most of every opportunity to connect with audiences and maximize conversion opportunities.

A calendar to take advantage of the time factor

Holidays, special occasions, international days, and industry events are ideal times to launch targeted marketing campaigns and create thematic content because they are usually highly felt and expected by the audience, with whom we then have the opportunity to connect deeply. Otherwise, missing one of these special dates risks displeasing and alienating people from our brand, to the benefit of competitors who have been timely instead.

Whether it’s special sales, exclusive promotions, or content marketing initiatives aimed at strengthening brand and customer loyalty, then, planning ahead allows you to tailor campaigns to maximize interest and stimulate action.

And so, this structured calendar for 2024 allows us to work with a clear time horizon, avoiding last-minute urgency and ensuring that each action is well thought out and carefully executed. Thus we can have the right time (and devote the right care) to prepare appropriate content, optimize the site also from a visual aspect, if necessary, and in general plan potentially more appealing and winning advertising campaigns.

Why use the digital marketing calendar: insights for effective campaigns and content

It is not easy to keep up with all the important dates in the life of a site (of any kind) or in general for the visibility of a brand, but above all this is an activity that requires a lot of time, effort and resources – not least because it means thinking about content ideas 365 days a year (indeed, 366 in this 2024!) without neglecting the various official and unofficial holidays or awareness days, all in a context that moves and evolves at dizzying speed, such as that of the online and social media world.

For this reason, our 2024 digital marketing calendar (and beyond) can be an invaluable tool for any professional, an essential compass for successfully navigating the tide of holidays, special events, and red-circled dates that affect our industry (or that may in some way affect our business).

We have put together a definitive list of dates, both official and lesser-known, to facilitate planning and content creation.Our calendar provides monthly insights and suggestions for effective email marketing campaigns, pointing out key events to include in marketing strategies for 2024.

Knowing about world days and international holidays serves to enrich the editorial plan of any site that produces informative content, allowing you to organize the right marketing strategies in advance and get in the flow of online conversations related to specific issues. But it is also useful for those who manage e-Commerce, because it helps to remember the “hot” periods for sales and to study the offers to propose for those occasions.

The marketing calendar thus becomes an indispensable tool, offering a comprehensive overview of the dates not to be missed to boost conversions and achieve strategic goals: in this way, we can organize resources, time and budget throughout the year, reducing the risks of unforeseen events and maximizing the opportunities for success of our campaigns.

What dates are on the 2024 digital marketing calendar

It was not easy, but we have tried to encapsulate the main special occasions that can directly or indirectly affect digital marketing activity.

Thus, there are broadly 4 types of “dates” in this calendar: official holidays, unofficial (but now “canonical”) holidays, world days, and events already planned for 2024. The list is constantly evolving to always provide up-to-date and useful information.

Specifically, these are the types of dates with some tips for strategies to take.

  • World Days

World days represent a wide range of anniversaries, from those that commemorate significant historical or cultural events to those that raise awareness of important causes or celebrate positive sentiments. These anniversaries occur annually, always on the same day, and provide a perfect opportunity to create relevant and interesting content that aligns with our business and current trends. Many of these days are recognized and promoted by the UN and other global associations and nonprofits, which use them to commemorate and promote specific events and initiatives; other anniversaries also arise at the government level, through legislation or petitions that become policy proposals.

  • Official Holidays

Perhaps it goes without saying, but some holidays have considerable “weight” on a brand’s strategies (just think of Christmas to understand it!). In general, these recognized festive times provide an opportunity to share social media posts or adapt press releases to take advantage of seasonal trends that resonate with audiences. Boosting promotional activities or campaigns during these times can increase brand awareness and revenue, but it is critical to use these occasions with authenticity and support each marketing initiative with a solid business case that demonstrates real engagement. It is also important to conduct thorough research when publishing content about different cultures and religions to ensure that you present the holidays accurately and respectfully.

  • Unofficial Holidays/Occasions and National Awareness Days

Unofficial holidays and national awareness days have become increasingly popular, often thanks to social media that has made them known with a simple click, hashtag, or viral video. Examples include Social Media Manager’s Day, Kissing Day, Blue Monday, Star Wars Day, and many others. These occasions can add a light and novel touch to content. As with official holidays, it is important to select those that resonate the most with your audience and use them in moderation, always maintaining respect and good taste. Unofficial holidays can be an opportunity to show the more human and close-to-the-interests side of our brand’s audience, but it is essential that any campaign or content posted is in line with the company’s values and does not appear forced or inappropriate.

  • Events

Events such as conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions are must-attend opportunities for digital marketing professionals and enthusiasts in the broadest sense-they are ideal venues where the latest trends are discussed, where new partnerships are formed, and where you have the opportunity to learn directly from thought leaders and industry pioneers. Attending these events not only provides valuable insights into market developments and new technologies, but also offers the chance to expand one’s professional network, meet potential clients and collaborators, and even discover new tools and services that can revolutionize marketing strategies. Events dedicated to digital marketing, SEO, e-commerce, and other facets of digital marketing are essential to staying current and competitive. They provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, networking and continuous learning. In addition, attending these events can increase one’s brand visibility and strengthen one’s position as an expert in the field.

In short, whether institutionalized global days, official holidays or unofficial occasions, each date in the 2024 digital marketing calendar represents a unique opportunity for interaction and engagement. The key is to plan carefully, select the dates that best align with our brand and audience, and approach each event with creativity, authenticity, and sensitivity to maximize the impact of campaigns and build a deeper connection with the audience by leveraging moments that already resonate emotionally or culturally.

The digital marketing calendar for 2024 is thus a tool that, if used wisely, can turn dates and events into powerful levers of engagement and conversion: strategic planning and anticipation will help us prepare targeted campaigns that capture attention at key moments, generating not only sales, but also dialogue and loyalty.

The 2024 digital marketing calendar: all the dates not to be missed


Jan. 01, 2024-Dec. 31, 2033: International Decade of Science for Sustainable Development (International Decade) – This opens the global decade called for by the United Nations General Assembly to raise awareness of the importance of all sciences for sustainable development and actively contribute to the promotion of a coordinated and collaborative scientific approach.

January 01: New Year’s Day (Holiday)

January 01: World Day for Peace (International Day)

Jan. 01/31: Veganuary (Occasion) – An annual challenge to try vegan eating (and a vegan lifestyle) for the entire month of January.

Jan. 02: Science Fiction Day (Occasion) – A day dedicated to celebrating science fiction as a literary, cinematic and artistic genre, honoring the creativity and innovation that characterizes works of science fiction and their impact on culture and the collective imagination.

Jan. 04: World Braille Alphabet Day (International Day) – Promotes awareness of the Braille alphabet as a fundamental means of communication for blind and visually impaired people.

Jan. 05: Start of Winter Sales (Occasion)

06 January: Epiphany (Holiday)

Jan. 09-12: Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas (Occasion) – The leading consumer electronics and technology trade show.

Jan. 09: International Apricot Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate apricots, a sweet and nutritious fruit, and to promote their consumption and related recipes.

Jan. 14: World Logic Day (International Day) – Celebrates the importance of logic in the advancement of science, technology and human thought.

Jan. 15: Blue Monday (Occasion) – It has been calculated that the third Monday in January is the saddest day of the year.

Jan. 15: Wikipedia Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the birthday of Wikipedia, which was “born” on Jan. 15, 2001.

Jan. 15: World Snow Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the importance of the world’s snow- and ice-covered areas and promotes winter sports.

Jan. 16: Martin Luther King’s Day (Occasion) – In the United States, celebrates the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and his contributions to the civil rights movement.

Jan. 17: International Italian Pizza Day (International Day)

Jan. 17: National Dialect and Local Languages Day (Occasion) – Values dialects and local languages as an integral part of cultural heritage.

Jan. 18: Museum Selfie Day (Occasion) – A fun event that encourages people to visit museums and take selfies with works of art, to share on social media.

Jan. 18: Winnie the Pooh Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the famous teddy bear created by A.A. Milne, a symbol of friendship and adventure for children and adults.

Jan. 19: Can Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the importance of recycling cans and promotes environmental sustainability.

Jan. 21: Hug Day (Occasion) – An opportunity to express affection and human warmth through the simple gesture of a hug.

Jan. 21: International Squirrel Day (Occasion) – A day dedicated to these lively rodents, to appreciate their presence in nature and raise awareness of their conservation.

Jan. 21: National Hyaluronic Acid Day (Occasion) – Promotes awareness of hyaluronic acid and its use in cosmetics and medicine.

Jan. 22: Digital Marketing for eCommerce and New Retail: Intelligent, Contextual, Personalized (Event) – In Milan (by invitation and live streaming), fourth edition of the Netcomm event dedicated to the channels, languages, technologies and best experiences of Digital Marketing for eCommerce and new retail.

Jan. 23: National Handwriting Day (Occasion) – Encourages rediscovering the value of handwriting as a personal and artistic form of communication.

Jan. 23: Community Manager’s Day (Occasion) – Recognizes the role of community managers in building, managing and growing online communities.

Jan. 24: International Education Day (International Day) – Emphasizes the importance of education as a human right and as a means to promote peace and development.

Jan. 25: Opposite Day (Opposite Day) – An occasion that celebrates play and humor, doing the opposite of what one would normally do.

Jan. 26: International Customs Day (International Day) – Celebrates the role of customs in regulating the flow of goods across international borders.

Jan. 26: World Leprosy Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of leprosy and promotes the fight against this disease and the stigma associated with it.

January 27: Day of Remembrance (International Day).

Jan. 28: European Data Protection Day, Data Privacy Day (International Day)

Jan. 28: World LEGO Day (Occasion) – Celebrate the famous building bricks and their impact on creativity and learning.

Jan. 30: Croissant Day (Occasion) – A day to enjoy and celebrate the croissant, an iconic baked dessert of French origin.

Jan. 31: International Illusionists Day (Occasion) – Honor illusionists and the art of magic, celebrating the wonder and entertainment they bring.

Jan. 31: International Zebra Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of zebra conservation and their unique beauty and importance in African ecosystems.

Jan. 31: Russian Vodka Day (Occasion) – Celebrate vodka, one of Russia’s most famous alcoholic beverages, and its history and culture.


Feb. 01/29: Black History Month (International Day) – Recurrence observed in the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom to celebrate the importance of people and events in the history of the African diaspora.

Feb. 01: World Read Aloud Day (International Day) – Celebrates the importance of reading aloud for education and entertainment, emphasizing the power of shared words and the promotion of literacy.

Feb. 01: World Islamic Veil Day (International Day) – Promotes understanding and respect for the Islamic veil and the women who choose to wear it.

Feb. 02: Groundhog Day (Occasion) – A North American folk tradition that “predicts” the arrival of spring by analyzing the behavior of a groundhog upon its awakening from hibernation: if the groundhog, upon emerging from its burrow, does not see its shadow due to cloudy skies, it is said that spring will soon arrive; if, on the other hand, it sees its shadow due to sunny weather, it will retreat to its burrow anticipating six more weeks of winter.

Feb. 02: Bubble Gum Day (Occasion) – An opportunity to recognize this popular pastime and its history, and to perhaps chew a little more gum than usual.

Feb. 02: Crepes Day (Occasion) – Celebrates crepes, a versatile dish beloved in many cultures, and encourages the sharing of recipes and traditions.

Feb. 02: World Wetlands Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of wetlands for biodiversity and human well-being, promoting their conservation and sustainable use.

Feb. 02: World Election Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of democratic elections and the right to vote as the foundation of free societies.

Feb. 02: World Day of Consecrated Life (International Day) – Recognizes and celebrates the lives and service of those who have chosen a life of religious consecration.

Feb. 03: Carrot Cake Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate one of the most beloved desserts, carrot cake, and to encourage the sharing of recipes and the enjoyment of home baking.

Feb. 03: World Mismatched Socks Day (Occasion) – A fun day celebrating uniqueness and individuality, encouraging everyone to wear mismatched socks without fear of judgment.

Feb. 03: International Golden Retriever Day (Occasion) – Celebrates Golden Retrievers, known for their friendly and loyal nature, and promotes the care and well-being of this dog breed.

Feb. 04: World Cancer Day (International Day)

Feb. 04: Facebook Birthday (Occasion) – Facebook turns 20!

Feb. 04: World Human Brotherhood Day (International Day) – A day dedicated to promoting dialogue and understanding between people of different cultures, religions and beliefs, emphasizing the importance of human unity and solidarity.

Feb. 05: World Nutella Day #WorldNutellaDay (Occasion) – A day dedicated to celebrating the famous chocolate hazelnut spread, sharing recipes and creative ways to enjoy it.

Feb. 05: Food Waste Prevention Day (International Day) – Aimed at raising awareness of the problem of food waste and promoting actions to reduce it by encouraging sustainable consumption and production practices.

Feb. 05: Weather Man and Woman Day (Occasion) – Recognizes the work of meteorologists and the importance of weather forecasting in daily life and safety.

Feb. 06/10: 74th Italian Song Festival, San Remo Festival (Occasion)

Feb. 06: World Day of Life (International Day)

Feb. 06: International Coffee Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate one of the world’s most beloved beverages and to recognize the culture and economy around coffee.

Feb. 06: International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation (International Day) – Raises awareness and promotes the elimination of female genital mutilation, a harmful practice that violates the rights of women and girls.

Feb. 07: World Safer Internet Day, SID Safer Internet Day (International Day) – Promotes safe and responsible use of digital technology, especially among children and youth, and encourages positive online practices.

Feb. 07: Anti-Bullying and Cyberbullying Day (International Day) – A day to raise awareness about the consequences of bullying and cyberbullying and to promote a kinder and more respectful online environment.

Feb. 08: Jeudi Gras (Occasion) – Traditionally, in Italy and other countries, the last Thursday before the beginning of Lent is a day of feasting and banquets, where rich foods and sweets are eaten before the period of Christian fasting and penance.

Feb. 10: Chinese New Year 2024 (Holiday) – Marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year, one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture, marked by celebrations, family traditions and wishes for prosperity and health.

Feb. 10: Day of Remembrance (Italy) (Occasion) – In Italy, commemorates the victims of the foibe and the Julian-Dalmatian exodus, promoting historical memory and respect.

Feb. 10: International Legumes Day (International Day) – This day celebrates legumes as a sustainable source of protein and essential nutrients, highlighting their role in food security and combating malnutrition.

Feb. 11: Super Bowl LVIII (Occasion) – The Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the most watched and celebrated sporting event in the U.S. and probably the world, also known for its halftime show, a half-hour concert featuring performances by world-renowned artists, and for its commercials, which are among the most expensive and creative commercials of the year.

Feb. 11: International Day for Women and Girls in Science (International Day) – An anniversary dedicated to recognizing the critical role women and girls play in science and technology and to promote women’s full and equal participation in science by supporting the empowerment of women and girls.

Feb. 11: World Day of the Sick (International Day) – Provides an opportunity to pay attention to the sick and their caregivers, promoting care and support.

Feb. 12: International Epilepsy Day, #EpilepsyDay (International Day) – Raises awareness of epilepsy, a common neurological condition, and promotes understanding and support for those affected.

Feb. 12: Darwin Day (International Day) – Marking the anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth, the day celebrates the contributions of science and reason to human development, with a special focus on biological evolution.

Feb. 12: Meringue Day (Occasion) – Celebrates meringue, a light and crispy dessert, and encourages experimenting with different recipes and presentations.

Feb. 12: World Marriage Day (Occasion) – Celebrates love and marriage, encouraging couples to renew their vows and celebrate their commitment to each other.

Feb. 12: Pen Writing Day (Occasion) – Promotes the art of handwriting and the value of personal written communication.

Feb. 12: International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers (International Day) – Raises awareness of the use of child soldiers in armed conflict and promotes action to end the practice.

Feb. 13: World Radio Day (International Day) – A day to recognize the value of radio as a medium of information, education and unity, emphasizing its role in connecting diverse communities and cultures.

Feb. 13: Mardi Gras, last day of Carnival (Holiday) – It is the culmination of Carnival celebrations, a last day of celebration before the start of Lent.

Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day, holiday of lovers (Holiday)

Feb. 14: YouTube’s Birthday (Occasion). YouTube was born on February 14, 2005, so it is 19 years old this year.

Feb. 14: World Congenital Heart Disease Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of congenital heart disease and promotes research and support for those affected.

Feb. 14-15: AI Fest 2024 (Event) – In Milan, the International Festival dedicated to the world of Artificial Intelligence and its applications.

Feb. 15: St. Faustine’s Day (Occasion) – Known as the patron saint of singles, it is a day to celebrate single status and personal independence.

Feb. 15: World Hippo Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness about the conservation of hippos and the threats they face in their natural habitat.

Feb. 15: World Orthodox Youth Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the youth of the Orthodox Church and their role in faith and community.

Feb. 15: International Angelman Syndrome Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of Angelman syndrome, a rare neurogenetic disease, and supports families and patients who are affected.

Feb. 15: World Childhood Cancer Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about childhood cancer and promotes research and support to improve survival and quality of life for affected children.

Feb. 17: World Cat Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate feline friends, recognize their contributions to human life, and promote the welfare and protection of cats worldwide.

Feb. 18: International Energy Conservation Day (International Day) – A day dedicated to promoting energy efficiency and raising awareness of the importance of reducing energy consumption for environmental sustainability.

Feb. 18: World Asperger’s Syndrome Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of Asperger’s Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder, and promotes acceptance and support for people with Asperger’s.

Feb. 18: World Pangolin Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about the plight of pangolins, among the world’s most illegally trafficked animals, and promotes their protection.

Feb. 18: Battery Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the importance of batteries as an energy source and promotes responsible use and recycling.

Feb. 19: World Marine Mammal Protection Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the need to protect marine mammals and their habitats from environmental threats and pollution.

Feb. 20: World Social Justice Day (International Day)

Feb. 20: World Whale Day (International Day) – A day dedicated to the conservation of whales and raising awareness of the threats these majestic sea creatures face from human activities.

Feb. 21: International Mother Language Day (International Day) – A day to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and to encourage the maintenance and protection of all languages spoken by communities around the world.

Feb. 21: National Braille Day (Occasion) – In Italy, a time to raise public awareness of blind people.

Feb. 21: International Tour Guide Day (International Day) – Recognizes the role of tour guides in the tourism industry and promotes their importance in enriching the experience of travelers.

Feb. 21-22: Global Summit Marketing & Digital (Event) – In Verona, 24th edition of the B2B event dedicated to digital marketing and communication, with workshops, networking moments and business matching meetings.

Feb. 22: World Thinking Day (Occasion) – A day to reflect and share thoughts and ideas, often celebrated in the world of Scouting and Guiding in honor of the founders.

Feb. 22: Disconnected Day (Occasion) – An internal day without the Internet, unplugging from electronic devices to reconnect with the real world and rethink more conscious use of technology.

Feb. 22-23: E-Commerce Food Conference (Occasion) – The vertical summit on Ecommerce for the Food&Beverage and Agribusiness market returns to Bologna.

Feb. 24: World Bartender Day (Occasion) – Recognizes the art and craftsmanship of bartenders and celebrates the culture of cocktails and mixology.

Feb. 26: Pistachio Day (Occasion) – A day to appreciate pistachios, both as a snack and as an ingredient in various recipes, and to promote their nutritional benefits.

Feb. 27: World Polar Bear Day (Occasion) – Raise awareness about the plight of polar bears and the impact of climate change on their Arctic habitats.

Feb. 29: International Rare Disease Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about rare diseases and the impact they have on patients and their families, promoting research and access to treatment. 2024 is a leap year and the day is celebrated on its “original” date, while in non-leap years it is celebrated on Feb. 28.

Feb. 29: Smart and Sustainable Payment & Logistics for e-Commerce and New Retail (Event) – In Milan (by invitation and live streaming), a Netcomm event dedicated to Payments and Logistics, two central aspects of the customer journey that can contribute to business success and strategies.


March 01: World Compliment Day (Occasion) – A day dedicated to recognizing and expressing appreciation toward others.

March 01: Day Against Discrimination (International Day) – An occasion to promote commitment to equality and diversity by spreading messages of inclusion.

March 03: World Writer’s Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate writers and their cultural contributions.

March 03: World Wildlife Day (International Day) – An occasion to raise awareness of endangered species and the importance of biodiversity.

March 03: World Book Day (International Day) – A day to promote reading as a tool for personal and cultural growth.

March 03: International Ear and Hearing Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of hearing care and prevention of hearing disorders, promoting access to assistive treatments and technologies.

March 04: World Obesity Day (International Day) – Day to raise awareness about the prevention of obesity and overweight.

March 04: World Tennis Day (Occasion) – Celebrates tennis as a global sport, recognizing its contribution to health, fun and friendship among peoples.

March 04: World Grammar Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate grammar and the importance of proper written and spoken communication.

March 07: FutureLab 2024 (Occasion) – In Milan, a discussion among retail digital innovation leaders to share specific case studies of digital and technological innovation

March 07: International Grains Day (International Day) – Promotes grains as an essential part of a balanced diet and highlights their role in global nutrition.

March 08: International Women’s Day (International Day)

March 09: Barbieday (Occasion) – Celebrates the famous Barbie doll, pop culture and fashion icon, and her impact in the toy world

March 10: MarioBrosDay (Occasion) – Pay tribute to the Mario Bros. video game characters and celebrate the influence of this series in video game culture.

March 11: Academy Awards Ceremony: 96th Academy Awards (Occasion).

March 12: World Day Against Cybercensorship (International Day) – Day to discuss online freedom of expression and privacy, relevant to tech companies and cybersecurity.

March 12: Plant a Flower Day (Occasion) – A day to encourage planting and plant care.

March 13: Advanced SEO Tool: AI edition 2024 (Occasion) – In Bologna, Italy, a day of advanced training that will guide professionals to the future of SEO through the AI revolution.

March 14: Pi Day (Occasion) – A fun day to create original content related to math and education.

March 15: World Consumer Rights Day (International Day) – Time for companies to demonstrate their commitment to consumers and their rights.

March 15: National Lilac Ribbon Day Against Eating Disorders (Occasion) – A day dedicated to raising awareness of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating, promoting prevention, early recognition and support for those affected.

March 15: World Sleep Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of sleep for health and well-being and promotes healthy sleep habits.

March 16: International Panda Day (International Day) – Celebrates giant pandas and promotes conservation of these beloved creatures that symbolize biodiversity.

March 17: St. Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland (Holiday) A globally celebrated holiday perfect for campaigns involving Irish culture and related products.

March 17: Italian Constitution Day (Occasion) – Commemorates the approval of the Constitution of the Italian Republic, the foundation of the rights and duties of Italian citizens.

March 17: World Cake Day (Occasion) – An opportunity to share the joy of making cakes and desserts.

March 18: World Recycling Day (International Day) – Dedicated to encourage and spread sustainability initiatives and responsible recycling practices among consumers.

March 18: National Day in Memory of the Victims of COVID-19 (Occasion).

March 19: Father’s Day, Italy (Holiday)

March 19: It’s All Retail (Event) – In Milan, a unique opportunity to explore the latest trends and discover how technology solutions are transforming the Retail, GDO and Fashion industries.

March 20: First Day of Spring (Occasion) – Marks the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, a time of renewal and celebration of nature awakening.

March 20: International Day of Happiness (International Day) – A day to promote well-being and happiness.

March 20: World Storytelling Day (Occasion) – This day celebrates the art of storytelling and its ability to connect people through stories and narratives.

March 20: International Nowruz Day (International Day) – Nowruz marks the Persian New Year and is considered the oldest holiday in the world.

March 20: French Language Day (International Day)

March 21: World Poetry Day (International Day) – A time to appreciate poetry as an artistic and cultural expression.

March 21: World Forests and Woodlands Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of forests and woodlands to life on Earth and promotes their sustainable management.

March 21: World Social Service Day (International Day) – Recognizes the contribution of social workers to building inclusive communities and supporting vulnerable people.

March 21: International Day Against Racial Discrimination (International Day) – Promotes racial equality and the fight against all forms of racial discrimination.

March 21: World Down Syndrome Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about Down syndrome and promotes inclusion and respect for people with this genetic condition.

March 21-22: Digital Marketing Europe 2024 (Event) – In Vilnius, Lithuania, an international conference for marketers, content creators, data analysts and advertisers.

March 22: World Water Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of fresh water and promotes actions for sustainable water management.

March 23: World Meteorology Day (International Day) – A day to discuss the impact of climate on our planet.

March 23: International Puppy Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate the joy that puppies bring to our lives and to promote responsible pet adoption.

March 24: National Day for the Promotion of Reading (Occasion) – Encourages reading as a tool for personal and cultural growth and promotes access to books for all.

March 24: Ice Cream Day (Occasion) – Celebrates ice cream as a culinary delight and promotes artisanal tradition and innovation in ice cream making.

March 25: Earth Hour (International Day) – A global event encouraging individuals, communities and businesses to turn off their lights for an hour to raise awareness of climate action and protection of climate and biodiversity

March 25: Tolkien Reading Day (Occasion) – An event for fans of fantasy literature to celebrate the work of J.R.R. Tolkien.

March 25: #Dantedì (Occasion) – A day dedicated to Dante Alighieri, the supreme Italian poet.

March 25: International Day of Solidarity for Arrested or Missing Staff Members (International Day) – A time to raise awareness of the issue of humanitarian workers and staff of international organizations who have been arrested or are missing.

March 25: International Day of Commemoration of Victims of Slavery and Transatlantic Slave Trade (International Day)

March 25: International Waffle Day (Occasion) – Encourages enjoying waffles in all their variations and exploring new recipes and ways to serve them.

March 26: The Omnichannel Transformation of Supply Chains and Business-to-Business Relationships (Event) – In Milan (by invitation and live streaming), seventh edition of the Netcomm event dedicated to how corporate Buyers and Sellers develop new relationships with different B2B Digital Commerce channels and models.

March 27: World Theatre Day (International Day) – Celebrates theater as an art form and as a medium for intercultural understanding and dialogue.

March 29: World Piano Day (Occasion) – Honor the piano, a beloved and versatile musical instrument, and celebrate pianists and piano music in all its forms.

March 30: World Bipolar Day (International Day) – A time to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with bipolar disorder.

March 31: Easter (Holiday)

March 31: World Backup Day (International Day) – A day to highlight the importance of backing up digital data.

March 31: Introduction of Daylight Saving Time (Occasion) – Daylight saving time is back, so hands one hour ahead!


April 01: Easter Monday (Holiday)

April 01: April Fools’ Day (Occasion) – A day dedicated to pranks and shenanigans, to have fun with made-up stories and innocent pranks.

April 02: World Autism Awareness Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about autism and promotes inclusion and support for people with autism spectrum disorders.

April 04: International Mines Awareness and Action Day (International Day) – This day aims to raise awareness about the impact of landmines and promote efforts to clear them and assist victims.

April 05: International Day of Conscience (International Day) – A day to reflect on the importance of conscience in promoting peace and ethics globally.

April 06: International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (Occasion) – Recognizes the power of sport in promoting peace, inclusion and social development.

April 06: Carbonara Day (Occasion) – A day dedicated to celebrating one of the most beloved dishes of Italian cuisine, pasta carbonara, and sharing variations and recipes.

April 07: World Health Day (International Day) – A day to raise awareness of global health issues and to promote healthy lifestyles and universal access to health care.

April 07: 1994 Genocide Remembrance Day against the Tutsi in Rwanda (International Day) – Commemorates the victims of the genocide in Rwanda and reflects on ways to prevent similar atrocities in the future.

April 08: International Day of the Romanichal People (International Day) – Recognizes the culture, history and rights of the Roma people, promoting awareness of and respect for this ethnic community.

April 09: International Unicorn Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the magic and mystery of unicorns, mythical creatures that continue to enchant the collective imagination.

April 09-12: AI Week 2024 (Occasion) – An entire week (live in Rimini and streamed) dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, to accompany companies, insiders and marketers to discover this new frontier, talking about how AI is disrupting the world of work.

April 10: International Homeopathy Day (Occasion) – A day to discuss and inform about homeopathy as an alternative medical practice and its role in health and wellness.

April 10: Casaleggio Associati’s Ecommerce Italia 2024 (Occasion) – In Milan, the 18th edition of the conference for Casaleggio Associati’s annual research, which, thanks to the participation of the main companies on the ecommerce scene in Italy, explores innovations, current trends, the most interesting cases and market evolutions.

April 11: International Parkinson’s Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative disorder, and supports research and support for patients and their families.

April 11-12: Deegito, Turin Digital Festival 2024 (Event) – An event that focuses on four growing themes in the digital world: fashion, food, sports and travel.

April 12: International Human Space Travel Day (International Day) – Celebrates achievements in space exploration and encourages education and interest in space science and technology.

April 12: World Hamster Day (Occasion) – Celebrates hamsters as pets and raises awareness of the proper care and well-being of these small rodents.

April 13: International Kissing Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate affection and love through the universal gesture of kissing, promoting connection and intimacy between people.

April 14: International Chagas Disease Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of Chagas disease, a neglected tropical disease that affects millions of people.

April 14: World Dolphin Day (Occasion) – A day to appreciate the beauty and intelligence of dolphins and raise awareness about their conservation and protection.

April 16: World Voice Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of voice in everyday communication, health and art, and promotes the treatment of vocal diseases.

April 16: Good Deeds Day (Occasion) – Encourages people to perform acts of kindness and contribute positively to society through good deeds.

April 16: Pajamas at Work Day (Occasion) – A fun and unusual way to raise funds and awareness of important issues by inviting people to wear pajamas to the workplace.

April 17: World Peasant Struggle Day (International Day) – Supports the rights of peasants and their struggle for social justice, food sovereignty and environmental sustainability.

April 20: Chinese Language Day (International Day)

April 20: World Circus Day (Occasion) – Recognizes circus art as an important part of cultural heritage and celebrates its artists and their performances.

April 21: World Creativity and Innovation Day (International Day) – Encourages creative thinking and innovation as means to solve problems and promote progress.

April 22: International Earth Day (International Day) – Reflects on the importance of preserving the natural environment and the need for global action to protect our planet.

April 22: International Day of Girls in Information and Communication Technology (International Day) – Promotes the empowerment of girls and women in the ICT sector and encourages their participation in this field.

April 23: World Book and Copyright Day (International Day) – Celebrates books and reading and promotes respect for copyright and intellectual property.

April 23: English Language Day (International Day)

April 23: Spanish Language Day (International Day)

April 24: World Meningitis Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of meningitis, a serious infectious disease, and promotes prevention and early treatment.

April 24: International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace (International Day) – Emphasizes the importance of multilateralism and diplomacy in resolving conflicts and promoting global peace.

April 24: Stop Food Waste Day (International Day) – An initiative to raise awareness of reducing food waste by encouraging sustainable practices in cooking and food handling.

April 25: National Liberation Day, Italy (Occasion).

April 25: International DNA Day (International Day) – Celebrates the discovery of the structure of DNA and its impact on science and medicine.

April 25: World Malaria Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of malaria and promotes efforts to prevent and eliminate this mosquito-borne disease.

April 25: International Delegates’ Day (International Day) – Recognizes the work of United Nations delegates and their role in promoting international cooperation.

April 25: World Penguin Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate these fascinating seabirds and to raise awareness of the need to protect their natural habitats.

April 25-26: BrightonSEO UK (Occasion) – Classic spring date for the world’s most popular Search and SEO conference, bringing together experts, digital marketers and industry professionals to share the latest trends, strategies and research in online visibility and search engine marketing.

April 26: World Intellectual Property Day (International Day) – Promotes understanding of the importance of intellectual property as a driver of innovation and creativity.

April 26: International Day in Commemoration of the Chernobyl Disaster (International Day) – Commemorates the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and reflects on recovery efforts and lessons learned.

April 27: World Drawing Day (Occasion) – Encourages creativity and artistic expression through drawing, celebrating this art form accessible to all.

April 27: World Tapir Day (Occasion) – A day to learn more about the tapir, a mammal in need of conservation, and to raise awareness of the threats it faces in its natural habitat.

April 28: International Day for Safety at Work (International Day) – Promotes the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses, emphasizing the importance of safe and healthy work environments.

April 28: International Frog Protection Day (International Day) – Focuses on protecting frogs and other amphibians, which are among the animals most at risk from environmental change and disease, emphasizing their crucial role in the world’s ecosystems.

April 29: International Day of Dance (International Day) – Celebrates dance as a universal art form and as a means of communication and cultural expression.

April 30: International Jazz Day (International Day) – Celebrates jazz as an art form that promotes freedom of expression, dialogue between cultures and social integration.


May 01: Labor Day, Italy (Holiday)

May 02: World Tuna Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of tuna and promotes sustainable fishing practices to preserve tuna populations.

May 02: Harry Potter Day (Occasion) – Commemorates the anniversary of the “Battle of Hogwarts” and celebrates the magical world created by J.K. Rowling, encouraging fans to share their love for the saga.

May 02: World Bloggers’ Day (Occasion) – Recognizes the contribution of bloggers to the dissemination of information and opinions online.

May 03: World Press Freedom Day (International Day) – Promotes freedom of the press and remembers those who have lost their lives in pursuit of this fundamental right.

May 04: Star Wars Day, May the Fourth be with you (Occasion) – A celebratory day for Star Wars fans, with reference to the famous motto “May the Force be with you,” which in English sounds precisely like the date indication.

May 04: World Password Day (Occasion) – Encourages good computer security practices, such as using strong passwords and changing them regularly.

May 05: World Laughter Day (Occasion) – Promotes the benefits of laughter for overall health and well-being.

May 05: International Day of Midwives (International Day) – Celebrates the vital role of midwives in the health of women and newborns.

May 05: World Hand Hygiene Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of hand hygiene in preventing the spread of disease.

May 05: International Day of the Portuguese Language (International Day)

May 06: World Color Day (Occasion) – Celebrates color and its impact in daily life and artistic expression.

May 06: No Diet Day (Occasion) – A day to promote body acceptance and diversity of body shapes, counteracting diet culture.

May 08: World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day (International Day) – Honors the humanitarian work done by Red Cross and Red Crescent societies around the world.

May 08: Coca-Cola Birthday (Occasion) – Marks the anniversary of the first sale of Coca-Cola in 1886, celebrating the cultural and historical impact of this iconic beverage.

May 08-09: Period of Commemoration and Reconciliation for those who lost their lives during World War II (International Day)

May 08-09: The Intelligence Commerce: Composable & Fluid, the Continuous Re-Configuration of Retail and Supply Chains (Event) – In Milan, the Netcomm event that accompanies the development of eCommerce and Digital Transformation of Enterprises returns for the nineteenth year.

May 09: World Slow Day (Occasion) – Encourages slowing down the hectic pace of modern life and enjoying moments of calm and reflection.

May 09: Europe Day (International Day) – Celebrates peace and unity in Europe by commemorating the Schuman Declaration, considered the birth certificate of the European Union.

May 10: World Argan Day (International Day) – Recognizes the importance of the argan tree and promotes the sustainability and conservation of this natural resource.

May 10: World Lupus Day (International Day).

May 11: World Migratory Birds Day (International Day) – Promotes the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats.

May 11: International Fair Trade Day (International Day)

May 12: Mother’s Day, Italy (Holiday) – Honors mothers and their role in the family and society (celebrated on different dates depending on the country).

May 12: International Nurses’ Day (International Day) – Celebrates the contribution of nurses to society and promotes their profession and development.

May 13: World Cocktail Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate the history and art of mixology, encouraging enthusiasts to explore new cocktail recipes.

May 13: Dog Day (Occasion) – A day dedicated to celebrating dogs, promoting their care and well-being, and recognizing their role as loyal companions.

May 15: International Family Day (International Day) – Recognizes the importance of the family as a fundamental unit of society and promotes policies that support families.

May 16: Global Accessibility Awareness Day (International Day) – A global awareness day focused on digital accessibility

May 16: International Day Dedicated to Combating Sand and Dust Storms (International Day) – Raises awareness about the impacts of sand and dust storms on the environment and human health, promoting solutions to mitigate them.

May 16: World Day of Living Together in Peace (International Day) – Encourages peaceful coexistence and dialogue between different cultures to build a more harmonious society.

May 16: International Day of Light (International Day) – Celebrates the role of light in science, culture and art, highlighting the importance of light-based technologies.

May 16: World Celiac Disease Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder triggered by gluten, and promotes awareness of gluten-free products and support for those with the condition.

May 17: International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (International Day) – A day to combat homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and promote LGBTQ+ rights.

May 17: World Telecommunications and Information Society Day (International Day) – Reflects on the evolution of telecommunications and information technology and their impact on society.

May 17: World Baking Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the art of baking and encourages the sharing of baking recipes and techniques.

May 17: Bike to work day (Occasion) – Encourages people to bike to work to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

May 18: World Whiskey Day (Occasion) – A day to appreciate whiskey, with events and tastings celebrating this spirituous beverage.

May 18: International Museum Day (International Day) – Promotes museums as important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding.

May 18: International Day for Women in the Maritime Sector (International Day) – Recognizes the contributions of women in the maritime sector and promotes gender equality in this field.

May 20: International Bee Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of bees to biodiversity and agriculture and promotes actions to protect these vital pollinators.

May 20: European Day of the Sea (Occasion) – Promotes awareness and knowledge of the sea and its resources, emphasizing the importance of marine conservation.

May 21: World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development (International Day) – Encourages respect and understanding of cultural diversity and promotes intercultural dialogue.

May 21: International Tea Day (International Day) – Celebrates tea as a global beverage and promotes its history, cultural traditions and health benefits.

May 22: International Biodiversity Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of biodiversity to the ecosystem and human life, promoting the conservation and sustainable use of biological resources.

May 22: PacMan Day (Occasion) – Recalls the launch day of the legendary Pac-Man video game in 1980, celebrating its role in video game culture and entertainment.

May 23: National Legality Day (Occasion) – In Italy, this day is dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Mafia and the commitment to the fight against all forms of organized crime.

May 23: World Turtle Day (International Day) – Celebrates and promotes knowledge of and respect for turtles and tortoises, raising awareness of the threats they face.

May 23: Vesak (Occasion) – Also known as “Buddha Purnima” or “Buddha Day,” this is a holiday celebrating the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha in Buddhist traditions, an occasion to reflect on peace, love and understanding.

May 24: European Day of Protected Areas and Parks (International Day) – Recognizes the importance of protected areas and national parks in conserving nature and promoting sustainable tourism.

May 25: World Africa Day (International Day) – Commemorates the founding of the Organization of African Unity and celebrates the diversity and beauty of the African continent.

May 25: National Wine Day (Occasion) – In the United States, this day celebrates wine and its rich variety, encouraging the tasting and learning about this beverage.

May 25: International Missing Children’s Day – Raises awareness of the problem of missing children and promotes international efforts to protect and find them.

May 25: World Fish Migration Day (Occasion) – A day to highlight the importance of free and healthy waterways for the survival of migratory fish and for the biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems.

May 27: National Fish & Chips Day (Occasion) – In the UK, a day to celebrate one of the national dishes, encouraging people to enjoy traditional fish and chips.

May 28: World Hunger Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of world hunger and promotes sustainable solutions to eliminate hunger and poverty.

May 28: World Hamburger Day (Occasion) – Celebrates one of the world’s most popular foods, the hamburger, and its presence in global culinary culture.

May 28: World Play Day (Occasion) – Promotes play as an essential activity for children’s well-being and development, as well as a form of entertainment for adults.

May 29: International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers/Peace Workers (International Day) – Honors United Nations peacekeeping mission personnel and remembers those who have lost their lives in peacekeeping service.

May 30: National Memorial Day in the USA (Holiday) – In the United States, a day to commemorate members of the armed forces who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

May 30: International Potato Day (International Day) – Celebrates the potato as a nutritious food and an integral part of many diets around the world.

May 30: World Multiple Sclerosis Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about multiple sclerosis and supports people affected by this neurological disease.

May 31: Web Designer day (Occasion) – Recognizes the work and creativity of web designers, who are essential to the creation of functional, aesthetically pleasing and user friendly websites.

May 31: World No Smoking/World No Tobacco Day (International Day) – Promotes smoking cessation and the fight against the tobacco industry to protect public health.

May 31: Sibling Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate the special bond between brothers and sisters, recognizing the importance of fraternal relationships.

May 31: World Otter Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of otter species and the need to protect these aquatic mammals and their habitats.

May 31: World Parrot Day (Occasion) – Celebrates parrots, colorful and intelligent birds, and promotes the conservation of their species and natural habitats.


June 01-30: Pride Month (International Day) – A month dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ pride and promoting equality and rights for the community.

June 01: World Parents’ Day (International Day) – Recognizes the vital role of parents in raising children and building a stable and cohesive society.

June 01: World Communications Day (International Day) – Promotes responsible information and social communication as a tool for the common good.

June 01: World Coral Reef Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of coral reefs to marine ecosystems and the need for their conservation

June 01: World Milk Day (International Day) – Celebrates milk as a global food and promotes its nutritional benefits.

June 02: Italian Republic Day (Holiday) – Commemorates the 1946 referendum that gave birth to the Italian Republic, celebrating the nation and its history.

June 02: World Day on Eating Disorders (International Day).

June 02: World Naturism Day (International Day) – A day to celebrate naturism and promote a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

June 03: World Bicycle Day (International Day) – Promotes the use of bicycles as a sustainable means of transportation and a source of health and well-being.

June 03-05: Fundraising Festival (Event) – In Riccione, a festival dense with conferences and events dedicated to fundraising and sustainability.

June 04: International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression (International Day)

June 05: World Environment Day (International Day) – A major United Nations day to promote environmental action and global awareness.

June 05: National Carabinieri Corps Day (Occasion) – In Italy, celebrates the anniversary of the founding of the Carabinieri Corps and their service to the nation.

June 06: Russian Language Day (International Day).

June 06: Yo-Yo Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate this ancient toy and its presence in popular culture.

June 07: VCR Day (Occasion) – Recalls the historical importance of the VCR in home entertainment and its technological evolution.

June 07: World Food Safety Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of food safety and promotes actions to prevent, detect and manage food hazards.

June 08: World Oceans Day (International Day) – Celebrates the oceans and their importance to life on Earth, promoting conservation and sustainable use of marine resources.

June 08: National Best Friends Day (Occasion) – From the United States, a day to celebrate friendship and show appreciation for best friends.

June 11: International Gin Day (Occasion) – Celebrates gin, one of the most popular alcoholic beverages, and its rich history and variety.

June 12-18: Men’s Health Week (Occasion) – A week dedicated to raising awareness of men’s health and encouraging men to take care of their physical and mental health.

June 12: World Day Against Child Labor (International Day) – Raises awareness about the importance of eradicating child labor and promotes measures to protect children’s rights.

June 13: World Albinism Day (International Day) – A day to raise awareness about albinism, fight discrimination and celebrate people with albinism.

June 13-15: We Make Future Bologna 2024 (Event) – The old Web Marketing Festival moves to Bologna keeping the format of the last editions: it will talk about AI, Digital Strategy, Content marketing, e-commerce, start-ups, and there will be more than 100 events and a unique format combining exhibition area, training, B2B meetings, lots of networking, culture, concerts, shows and entertainment.

June 14: World Blood Donor Day (International Day) – Celebrates volunteer and unpaid blood donors and raises awareness of the importance of blood donations in saving lives.

June 15: Italian Red Cross Foundation Anniversary (Occasion) – Commemorates the founding of the Italian Red Cross and its commitment to providing humanitarian assistance.

June 15: World Wind Day (International Day) – Promotes wind power as a renewable and sustainable energy source and its importance for a clean energy future.

June 15: World Juggling Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the art of juggling and encourages people to learn and practice this skill.

June 17: World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of effective measures to combat desertification and mitigate the effects of drought.

June 18: International Day for Sustainable Food (International Day) – Promotes food practices that respect the environment and enhance local cultural traditions.

June 18: International Sushi Day (Occasion) – Celebrates sushi, one of the most iconic dishes in Japanese cuisine, and its worldwide popularity.

June 18: Picnic Day (Occasion) – Encourages people to enjoy time outdoors with a picnic, celebrating the simplicity and enjoyment of eating outdoors.

June 19: World Walking Day (Occasion) – Encourages people to walk as a form of exercise and to enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of being outdoors.

June 20: Summer Solstice (Occasion) – Marks the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, opening the summer, and is often celebrated with festivals and cultural traditions.

June 20: World Refugee Day (International Day) – Dedicated to refugees around the world, it promotes awareness and support for people forced to flee their homes due to conflict or persecution.

June 20: World Wi-Fi Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the importance of Wi-Fi in modern daily life and its role in enabling connectivity and access to information.

June 21: World ALS Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and supports research and care for patients and their families.

June 21: National Day to Fight Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma (Occasion) – In Italy, AIL promotes awareness and support for research and treatment of blood diseases such as leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

June 21: Music Day (Occasion) – A global celebration of music in all its forms, with events and performances taking place around the world.

June 21: International Yoga Day (International Day) – Promotes the benefits of yoga for physical and mental health and encourages the practice globally.

June 21: World Motorcycle Day (Occasion) – A day for motorcycle enthusiasts to celebrate motorcycle culture and promote road safety.

June 21: World Giraffe Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the importance of giraffes and the need to protect these majestic creatures and their habitats.

June 21: World Selfie Day (Occasion) – A day dedicated to selfie culture, celebrating the photographic self-portrait as a form of personal expression in social media.

June 23: Typewriter Day (Occasion) – Recalls the historical importance of typewriters and celebrates their contribution to the development of written communication.

June 23: United Nations Public Service Day (International Day) – Recognizes the value of public service to the community and celebrates the contribution of public services to the development of society.

June 25: World Maritime Day (International Day) – Honors seafarers for their contributions to the global economy and society, and recognizes the risks and sacrifices associated with their work.

June 25: World Vitiligo Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about vitiligo, a skin condition that causes loss of pigmentation, and promotes acceptance and support for those affected.

June 25: Color TV Day, commemorating the airing of the first color TV broadcast (Occasion) – Commemorates the airing of the first color TV broadcast in 1951, celebrating the evolution of television technology.

June 26: International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (International Day) – Raises awareness of the dangers of drug abuse and the challenges of illicit trafficking, promoting a drug-free society.

June 26: International Day for Victims of Torture (International Day) – Supports victims of torture and promotes the absolute prohibition of this practice in all its forms.

June 26: World Dog Day in the Office (Occasion) – Encourages bringing dogs into the workplace to promote a happier and more relaxed work environment.

June 27: International Sunglasses Day (Occasion) – Celebrates sunglasses as a fashion accessory and eye protection from harmful UV rays.

June 27: Small and Medium Enterprise Day (International Day) – Recognizes the crucial role of SMEs in economic development and job creation.

June 29: World Industrial Design Day (International Day) – Celebrates the impact of industrial design in innovation and improving the quality of life.

June 29: World Scleroderma Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of scleroderma, a rare connective tissue disease, and supports research and care for patients.

June 29: International Tropics Day (International Day) – Highlights the importance of the tropics for global biodiversity and addressing global challenges such as climate change.

June 30: Social Media Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the impact and evolution of social media in modern communication and social relations.

June 30: Asteroid day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of monitoring asteroids and other celestial objects for the safety of our planet.

June 30: International Parliamentarianism Day (International Day) – – Recognizes the vital role of parliaments in representative democracies and their importance in ensuring government transparency and accountability.


July 01: World Raggae Day (Occasion) – Celebrates reggae, a musical genre originating in Jamaica, and its worldwide cultural and social impact.

July 01: International Fruit Day (Occasion) – Promotes fruit consumption for its nutritional benefits and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

July 02: Start of Summer Sales

July 02: World UFO Day (Occasion) – A day for fans of unexplained phenomena and UFOs to share stories and promote curiosity about the unknown.

July 04: Independence Day, U.S. Independence Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the anniversary of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, a day of patriotism and national celebration.

July 05: European Plastic Lid Collection Day of Action (International Day) – An initiative to promote the recycling of plastic lids and raise awareness of the importance of waste reduction.

July 05: World Bikini Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the invention of the bikini and its influence on fashion and beach culture.

July 06: World Kissing Day (Occasion) – Also remembered as “International Stolen Kissing Day,” it is an occasion to celebrate the most romantic gesture.

July 06: International Day of Cooperatives (International Day) – Recognizes the contribution of cooperatives to economic and social development and the promotion of solidarity.

July 07: World Chocolate Day (Occasion) – A day to enjoy chocolate in all its forms and to celebrate its history and the pleasure it brings.

July 08: International Mediterranean Sea Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of the Mediterranean Sea and promotes its conservation and the protection of its biodiversity.

July 09: World Massellancy Day (International Day) – Celebrates massellancy, a sustainable agricultural technique, and promotes its practice for responsible food production.

July 11: World Population Day (International Day) – Reflects on global population issues and the need for sustainable population planning and management.

July 11: Mojito Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the mojito, a world-famous Cuban cocktail, and invites people to enjoy its freshness and flavor.

July 12: Kebab Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate kebabs, a popular dish in many cultures, and to experience its different variations.

July 13: World French Fries Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate French fries, a beloved snack around the world, and to enjoy their crunchiness.

July 13: World Rock Day (Occasion) – Honor rock ‘n’ roll as an influential musical genre and celebrate its artists and history.

July 14: National Day in France (Occasion) – Commemorates the storming of the Bastille and the beginning of the French Revolution, a key event in the history of democracy.

July 14: World Chimpanzee Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of chimpanzee conservation and the need to protect these primates and their habitats.

July 14: World Shark Day (Occasion) – Promotes awareness and protection of sharks, which are often misunderstood and threatened by overfishing.

July 15: World Youth Skills Day (International Day) – Encourages the recognition and development of youth skills and promotes their active role in society.

July 15: World Guinea Pig Day (Occasion) – Celebrates guinea pigs as pets and raises awareness of their welfare and proper care.

July 15: World Snake Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the importance of snakes in ecosystems and promotes their protection and conservation.

July 17: World Emoji Day (Occasion) – Celebrates emoji as a universal and creative means of communication in digital messages.

July 17: Tattoo Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the art of tattooing, its history and cultural expression, and promotes understanding and acceptance of tattoos.

July 18: Nelson Mandela International Day (Occasion) – Honors the life and work of Nelson Mandela and promotes his values of justice, freedom and democracy.

July 20: World Chess Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the game of chess as an activity that stimulates the mind and promotes education and friendship through play.

July 20: World Moon Day (International Day) – Celebrates the first human moon landing in 1969 and promotes space exploration and knowledge.

July 22: World Brain Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of brain health and research related to neurological diseases.

July 24: Tequila Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate tequila, the world-famous Mexican spirit drink, and to explore its history and various ways of tasting it.

July 26: Uncles Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate the special role uncles play in the lives of their grandchildren and to acknowledge their love and support.

July 27: World Stray Dog Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the plight of stray dogs and promotes animal adoption and welfare.

July 28: World Hepatitis Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of viral hepatitis, an infectious disease that affects the liver, and promotes the importance of prevention and treatment.

July 28: World Grandparents and Elders Day (International Day) – Recognizes the importance of grandparents and elders in the family and society, promoting respect and care for their wisdom and well-being.

July 29: World Tiger Day (Occasion) – A day to raise awareness of the plight of endangered tigers and to promote conservation efforts for these majestic felines.

July 29: Lasagna Day (Occasion) – Celebrates lasagna, a classic Italian dish, and encourages sharing recipes and enjoying this dish with friends and family.

July 30: World Friendship Day (International Day) – Celebrates friendship as a fundamental human bond and promotes understanding and respect among people of all cultures.

July 30: World Day Against Human Trafficking (International Day) – Raises awareness of human trafficking as a crime and violation of human rights and promotes actions to combat it and protect victims.

July 31: World Orgasm Day (Occasion) – A day to promote sexual health and well-being, and to encourage open and healthy conversation about sexuality.


Aug. 01-07: World Breastfeeding Week (International Day) – Promotes the benefits of breastfeeding for the health of babies and mothers, supporting this natural practice as fundamental to child development.

Aug. 01: Yorkshire Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the culture and history of the English county of Yorkshire, promoting its heritage, traditions and regional identity.

Aug. 01: International World Wide Web Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the anniversary of the birth of the World Wide Web and its revolutionary impact on communication and access to information.

Aug. 02: International Beer Day (Occasion) – A global occasion to celebrate beer, one of the oldest and most beloved alcoholic beverages, and to recognize its social and cultural role.

Aug. 03: World Pepper Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate peppers, enhancing their flavors and versatility in the kitchen with colorful recipes and dishes.

Aug. 03: World Mustard Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate mustard, a popular condiment that adds flavor to many dishes.

Aug. 04: World Owl Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the different owl species and their importance in ecosystems, promoting the conservation of these fascinating nocturnal birds.

Aug. 05: World Oyster Day (Occasion) – Celebrates oysters as a culinary delicacy and promotes sustainability and conservation of marine resources.

Aug. 7-13: Afternoon Tea Week (Occasion) – In the UK, a week to remember the British tradition of afternoon tea, with cakes and pastries, and to celebrate the art of hospitality.

Aug. 9: International Day of Indigenous Peoples (International Day) – Recognizes the cultural richness of indigenous peoples and promotes their rights and sovereignty over lands and resources.

Aug. 10: Night of San Lorenzo, the night of shooting stars – A magical night in Italy, famous for observing shooting stars, associated with wishes and hopes.

Aug. 10: World Lion Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the plight of lions in the wild and promotes the conservation of these majestic felines.

August 12: International Youth Day (International Day) – Celebrates the potential of young people as partners in today’s global society and promotes their active participation in development.

Aug. 12: World Elephant Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the need to protect elephants, which are threatened by poaching and habitat loss.

Aug. 12: World Day Against Cruelty to Animals (Occasion) – Promotes the humane treatment of animals and the fight against cruelty and abuse.

Aug. 13: Prosecco Day (Occasion) – Celebrates Prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine appreciated worldwide, and its culture.

August 13: International Left-handed Day (Occasion) – Recognizes the unique challenges left-handed people face in a primarily right-handed world and celebrates their uniqueness.

August 14: World Calligraphy Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the art of calligraphy and promotes the beauty of handwriting.

Aug. 15: Ferragosto , Italy (Occasion)

Aug. 15: World Rollercoaster Day (Occasion) – A day to enjoy the excitement of amusement parks and roller coasters.

August 15: Palio dell’Assunta (Occasion) – A historic horse race held in Siena, part of the celebrations for the Assumption of Mary.

Aug. 17: Daughter-in-law Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate the relationship between daughters-in-law and in-laws and promote family understanding.

Aug. 18: National Syrups and Liqueurs Day (Occasion) – A day to appreciate the variety and history of Italian syrups and liqueurs, and to celebrate the art of mixology.

Aug. 18: World Lighthouse Day (Occasion) – Celebrate lighthouses as important symbols of safety and guidance for ships at sea.

Aug. 19: World Humanitarian Aid Day (International Day) – Honors those who have lost their lives in humanitarian assistance and those who continue to provide aid and support in global crises.

Aug. 19: International Orangutan Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the plight of endangered orangutans and the need to protect these great primates and their habitats.

Aug. 19: World Photography Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the art, science and history of photography and its impact on modern society.

Aug. 20: World Mosquito Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the importance of mosquitoes in the ecosystem and their role in disease transmission, promoting the prevention and control of diseases transmitted by these insects.

Aug. 21: World Entrepreneur Day (Occasion) – Celebrates entrepreneurs and their contributions to innovation, the economy and job creation.

August 21: International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to Victims of Terrorism (International Day) – Commemorates victims of terrorism worldwide and supports survivors and their families.

August 22: International Day of Remembrance for Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religious Belief (International Day) – Promotes tolerance and respect for freedom of religion or belief and remembers victims of religious violence.

Aug. 22: World Plant Milk Day (Occasion) – Promotes alternatives to animal milk and raises awareness of the health and environmental benefits of plant milk.

Aug. 23: International Day of Commemoration of the Slave Trade and its Abolition (International Day) – Reflects on the history of the transatlantic slave trade and celebrates the resistance and struggle for slave freedom.

Aug. 26: Women’s equality day (Occasion) – In the United States, commemorates the adoption of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote, and celebrates progress toward gender equality.

Aug. 26: World Dog Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate dogs, recognizing their role as loyal companions and promoting animal welfare.

August 29: International Day Against Nuclear Tests (International Day) – Raises awareness of the impact of nuclear tests on the environment and health and promotes efforts for their complete ban.

August 30: International Day of the Disappeared (International Day) – Remembers those who have been forcibly disappeared and promotes justice and truth for their families.

August 30: World Whale Shark Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness about the conservation of the whale shark, the world’s largest fish, and the need to protect marine species.

August 31: International Day for People of African Descent (International Day) – Celebrates the diversity and contributions of people of African descent and promotes the fight against racism and discrimination.


Sept. 01-30: World Alzheimer’s Month (International Day) – A month dedicated to raising awareness of Alzheimer’s, a neurodegenerative disease, and support for patients and their families.

Sept. 01: World Skyscraper Day (Occasion) – Celebrates skyscrapers as marvels of modern engineering and architecture.

Sept. 04: World Sexual Wellness Day (International Day) – Promotes sexual health and sexual rights for all, emphasizing the importance of an informed and respectful approach.

Sept. 04: Founding of Google (Occasion) – Remembers the day in 1998 when Sergey Brin and Larry Page officially submitted the application to found the company.

Sept. 04: World Taekwondo Day (Occasion) – Recognizes Taekwondo as a martial art and Olympic sport, promoting its values of discipline and respect.

Sept. 05: International Charity Day (International Day) – Encourages charitable works and volunteerism, recognizing their positive impact on reducing poverty and inequality.

Sept. 06: Read a Book Day (Occasion) – An invitation to devote time to reading, for personal enjoyment and to promote literacy and a love of books.

Sept. 06: World Day Against Procrastination (Occasion) – Encourages overcoming the tendency to procrastinate and promoting productivity and efficiency.

Sept. 07: International Clean Air Day for Blue Skies (International Day) – Raises awareness of air pollution and promotes actions to improve air quality globally.

Sept. 07: World Beard Day (Occasion) – Celebrates beards in all their forms and promotes personal grooming and style.

Sept. 07: World Vulture Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the importance of vultures to ecosystems and the need to protect them.

Sept. 08: International Literacy Day (International Day) – Emphasizes the importance of literacy as a basic human right and as a basis for lifelong learning.

Sept. 08: Star Trek Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the television and film series “Star Trek” and its impact on pop culture and vision for the future.

Sept. 09: International Day to Protect Education from Attack (International Day) – Promotes the safety of education in conflict zones and the protection of students and teachers.

Sept. 09: World Beauty Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate beauty in all its forms and promote self-esteem and personal well-being.

Sept. 10: World Suicide Prevention Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about suicide and promotes actions to prevent it through early support and intervention.

Sept. 12: United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation (International Day) – Promotes cooperation among countries of the Global South to share knowledge, skills and sustainable development solutions.

Sept. 12: Plastic Bag Free Day (Occasion) – Promotes the use of sustainable alternatives to plastic bags to reduce pollution and protect the environment.

Sept. 12: World Programmer’s Day (Occasion) – Recognizes the contribution of programmers to technological development and digital innovation.

Sept. 13: Roald Dahl Story Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the life and works of author Roald Dahl, encouraging reading and retelling of his stories.

Sept. 15: World Democracy Day (International Day) – Reflects on the importance of democracy and promotes its core values globally.

Sept. 15: World Lymphoma Awareness Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, and promotes research and support for patients and their families.

Sept. 15: World Wife Appreciation Day (Occasion) – A day to show appreciation and love for wives, recognizing their role and contributions in families and society.

Sept. 15: International Dot Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the dot as a fundamental element of writing and communication, emphasizing the importance of punctuation.

Sept. 16: International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer (International Day) – Commemorates the signing of the Montreal Protocol and raises awareness of the importance of protecting the ozone layer.

Sept. 16: World Barbering Day (Occasion) – Honors barbers and their craft, celebrating the culture and art of barbering.

Sept. 17: World Patient Safety Day (International Day) – A day to highlight the importance of patient safety in the health care system and to promote actions to reduce the risk of harm.

Sept. 18: World First Love Day (Occasion) – Remembers the feeling of first love and celebrates the emotional impact and memories it brings.

Sept. 18: World Equal Pay Day (International Day) – Promotes equal pay for work of equal value and the fight against gender pay discrimination.

Sept. 19: Talk Like a Pirate Day (International Day) – A fun day that invites everyone to talk like pirates, celebrating pirate culture and folklore.

Sept. 20: World University Sports Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the importance of sports in the university setting and its role in student development.

Sept. 20: World Paella Day (Occasion) – Celebrates paella, a traditional Spanish dish, and its cultural and gastronomic importance.

Sept. 20: National Day At Work by Bike (Occasion) – In Italy, encourages the use of bicycles as a sustainable means of transportation to work.

Sept. 21: World Alzheimer’s Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, one of the most common causes of dementia, and supports research and support for patients and their families.

Sept. 21: International Day of Peace (International Day) – Promotes peace and nonviolence globally and encourages actions and initiatives that help build a more peaceful world.

Sept. 21: Zero Emissions Day (Occasion) – Encourages the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promotes awareness of the impact of human activities on climate change.

Sept. 21: International Marrow Donor Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about the importance of bone marrow donation and promotes registration as a donor to save lives.

Sept. 21: World Software Freedom Day (Occasion) – Promotes the use and development of free and open source software, emphasizing the importance of technological freedom.

Sept. 21: World Red Panda Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness about the conservation of the red panda and the need to protect this endangered species.

Sept. 21: World Gymnastics Day (Occasion) – Celebrates gymnastics as a sport and as a physical activity that promotes health and well-being.

Sept. 22: World Car-Free Day (International Day) – Invites people to leave their cars at home for a day and consider more sustainable modes of transportation, such as walking, cycling or using public transportation.

Sept. 22: Hobbit Day (Occasion) – Celebrates hobbits, characters from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel “The Lord of the Rings,” and their beloved Shire.

Sept. 22: World Rhino Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the plight of rhinos and promotes their conservation and the fight against poaching.

Sept. 22: World Rivers Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of rivers to life on Earth and promotes their protection and sustainable use.

Sept. 23: First Day of Autumn (Occasion) – Marks the autumnal equinox and the beginning of the fall season in the Northern Hemisphere.

September 23: International Day of Sign Languages (International Day) – Recognizes the importance of sign languages for the full realization of the human rights of deaf people.

Sept. 23: White Night of Sports (International Day) – An event celebrating sports and physical activity, with events and demonstrations taking place throughout the night.

September 25: World Dream Day (Occasion) – Encourages people to reflect on their dreams and aspirations and take action to achieve them.

Sept. 25: World Pharmacist Day (Occasion) – Recognizes the essential role of pharmacists in health care and promotes their profession.

Sept. 26: European Day of Languages (International Day) – Celebrates linguistic diversity in Europe and promotes language learning as a means of enhancing intercultural understanding.

Sept. 26: International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of nuclear disarmament and promotes global peace and security.

Sept. 26: International Dog Lovers Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the love of dogs and promotes the care and well-being of our four-legged friends.

Sept. 26: International Contraception Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness about the importance of contraception and family planning for sexual and reproductive health.

Sept. 27: World Tourism Day (International Day) – Promotes tourism as a means for economic growth, inclusive development and cultural understanding.

Sept. 27: Google’s Birthday (Occasion) – Remembers the day in 1998 when PhD students Sergey Brin and Larry Page established Google’s first office in a rented garage. It is currently the “chosen” date to celebrate the search engine.

September 28: International Day for Universal Access to Information (International Day) – Emphasizes the importance of access to information as a fundamental right and as a tool for social progress and development.

Sept. 28: International Day for Safe Abortion (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of access to safe and legal abortion as a reproductive health right.

Sept. 28: World Rabbit Day (Occasion) – Celebrates rabbits as pets and promotes their care and protection.

Sept. 28: World Rabies Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of rabies prevention and promotes pet vaccination and public health.

Sept. 29: World Heart Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of cardiovascular health and promotes healthy lifestyles to prevent heart disease.

Sept. 29: World Day of the Deaf (International Day) – Celebrates the deaf community and promotes the rights and inclusion of deaf people.

Sept. 29: International Day Against Food Loss and Waste (International Day) – A day to raise awareness of food waste and promote responsible consumption practices.

Sept. 29: International Migrant and Refugee Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the challenges migrants and refugees face and promotes their protection and integration into host societies.

Sept. 30: World Copywriter’s Day (Occasion) – Recognizes the role of copywriters in creating effective and creative content for advertising, marketing and media.

Sept. 30: International Translation Day (International Day) – Celebrates the importance of translation in connecting nations and promoting cross-cultural understanding and dialogue.

Sept. 30: International Podcast Day (Occasion) – Encourages the discovery and sharing of podcasts as a means of information, entertainment and education, and celebrates the growth of this digital media format.


Oct. 01-31: International Breast Cancer Prevention Month (International Month) – October is “pink ribbon” month, dedicated to breast cancer prevention.

Oct. 01: International Day of Older Persons (International Day) – Recognizes the contribution of older people to society and promotes their active participation and respect for their rights.

Oct. 01: World Vegetarian Day (Occasion) – Celebrates vegetarianism and promotes the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet.

Oct. 01: International Coffee Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate the world’s beloved beverage and to recognize the cultural and economic impact of coffee.

Oct. 01: International Music Day (Occasion) – Celebrate music in all its forms and its universal role as an artistic language that unites people.

Oct. 02: International Day of Nonviolence (International Day) – Commemorates Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday and promotes the message of nonviolence through education and public awareness.

Oct. 02: Grandparents’ Day (Occasion) – A day to honor grandparents, recognizing their love, wisdom and important role in families.

Oct. 02: Guardian Angels Day (Occasion) – A day dedicated to guardian angels, spiritual figures who traditionally watch over and guide individuals.

Oct. 02: International Farm Animal Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of animal welfare on farms and promotes ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Oct. 03-04: BrightonSEO UK (Occasion) – Fall edition of BrightonSEO, one of the largest conferences in Europe dedicated to SEO, featuring workshops, training sessions and networking opportunities for those in the industry.

Oct. 04-10: World Space Week (Occasion) – A week to celebrate the contributions of space science and technology to improving the human condition.

Oct. 04: World Animal Day (International Day) – A day to raise awareness of animal welfare and promote their respect and protection.

Oct. 04: World Smile Day (Occasion) – Encourages spreading kindness and happiness through the simple act of smiling.

Oct. 04: International Pythagorean Table Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the importance of mathematics and in particular the Pythagorean theorem, one of the fundamental principles of geometry.

Oct. 05: World Teachers’ Day (International Day) – Celebrates the crucial role of teachers in developing education and supporting student growth.

Oct. 06: World Habitat Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of safe and sustainable habitats for all.

Oct. 06: International Cerebral Palsy Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about cerebral palsy and supports people with the condition and their families.

Oct. 06: International Architecture Day (Occasion) – Promotes architecture as a crucial discipline for sustainable development and culture.

Oct. 06: International Bathtub Day (Occasion) – Encourages taking time for relaxation and personal well-being by celebrating the pleasure of a warm bath.

Oct. 07: World Rescue Day (International Day) – Recognizes the importance of rescue services and celebrates their commitment and dedication.

Oct. 07: World Cotton Day (International Day) – Celebrates cotton as an essential natural resource and promotes its sustainability and innovation in textiles.

Oct. 08: World Zombie Day, International Zombie Day (Occasion) – A day for fans of zombie culture and themed events and celebrations.

Oct. 08: International Podiatry Day (Occasion) – Recognizes the importance of foot care and the work of podiatrists for health and well-being.

Oct. 08: World Pierogi Day (Occasion) – Celebrates pierogies, a traditional Eastern European dish, and its variety of fillings and ways of preparation.

Oct. 08: World Octopus Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the life and ecology of octopuses and promotes their conservation.

Oct. 09: World Mail Day (International Day) – Celebrates the importance of postal services and their contribution to global communication and trade.

Oct. 09: Beer and Pizza Day (Occasion) – A day to enjoy the classic combination of beer and pizza, celebrating these two popular culinary delights.

Oct. 09: World Migratory Bird Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the need to protect migratory birds and their habitats along migration routes.

Oct. 10: World Sight Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of preventing blindness and visual impairment.

Oct. 10: World Day Against the Death Penalty (International Day) – Promotes the abolition of the death penalty worldwide and supports human rights.

Oct. 10: World Mental Health Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of mental health and promotes support and understanding for those suffering from mental disorders.

Oct. 10: World Homeless Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about homelessness and promotes actions to help them.

Oct. 10: World Palliative Care Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of palliative care for patients with serious and terminal illnesses.

Oct. 10: World Porridge Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate porridge, a nutritious and comforting dish, and to explore different varieties and recipes.

Oct. 11: International Day of Young Girls (International Day) – Promotes the empowerment of girls worldwide and supports their right to education, health care and protection from violence.

Oct. 11: World Nursing Home Day (International Day) – Recognizes the importance of nursing homes for the elderly and promotes quality care and respect for residents.

Oct. 11: World Obesity Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of obesity as a global public health problem and promotes actions for prevention and treatment.

Oct. 11: Coming Out Day (Occasion) – Encourages and supports LGBTQ+ people in the coming-out process, promoting acceptance and equality.

Oct. 11: World Eggs Day (Occasion) – Celebrates eggs as a versatile and nutritious food source and promotes their importance in the global diet.

Oct. 12: Anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s Landing in America (Occasion) – Commemorates Columbus’s arrival in the New World in 1492, an event that marked the history of exploration and contact between cultures.

Oct. 13: World Arthritis Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of arthritis, a disease that affects the joints, and promotes research and support for patients.

Oct. 13: World Astronomy Day (Occasion) – Celebrates astronomy and its contribution to the understanding of the universe and human culture.

Oct. 13: International Day for Disaster Reduction (International Day) – Promotes awareness and action to reduce the risk and impact of natural disasters.

Oct. 13: World Skeptics Day (Occasion) – Promotes critical thinking and scientific skepticism as tools for evaluating claims and beliefs.

Oct. 13: NoBraDay, World Bra-Free Day (Occasion) – Encourages awareness and support for the prevention and fight against breast cancer.

Oct. 13: National Day for Victims of Workplace Accidents (Occasion) – Commemorates victims of workplace accidents and promotes safety and prevention in the workplace.

Oct. 14: World Day Against Waste Incineration (International Day) – Raises awareness of the environmental and health risks of waste incineration and promotes sustainable alternatives.

Oct. 14: World Army Independence Day (International Day) – Celebrates the independence and self-determination of peoples and promotes respect for their rights to self-government.

Oct. 14: World Standards Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the importance of technical regulations and standards for the quality and safety of products and services.

Oct. 15: World Rural Women’s Day (International Day) – Recognizes the crucial role of rural women in agricultural development, food security and poverty reduction.

Oct. 15: International White Cane Day (International Day) – Celebrates the white cane as a symbol of independence for blind and visually impaired people.

Oct. 16: World Food Day (International Day) – Promotes awareness and action to combat world hunger and ensure food security for all.

Oct. 16: World Bread Day (Occasion) – Celebrates bread as a staple food in many cultures and promotes the art of baking.

Oct. 16: World Boss Day (Occasion) – Recognizes the role of bosses and leaders in the workplace and promotes good leadership and management practices.

Oct. 17: World Poverty Eradication Day (International Day) – Encourages reflection and action to eliminate poverty in all its forms everywhere in the world.

Oct. 17: World Spreadsheet Day (Occasion) – Celebrates tools such as spreadsheets, which are essential for data organization and planning in many work areas.

Oct. 17-18: ADworld Experience (Event) – ADworld Experience represents Europe’s largest event focused on Pay Per Click and Conversion Rate Optimization, as well as the largest in the world to emphasize the use of real-world cases of PPC campaigns. We talk about Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, LinkedIn advertising, but also Tik Tok, Pinterest, and the news and possible uses of artificial intelligence applied to the world of advertising and CRO.

Oct. 18: World Squash Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the sport of squash and promotes its practice as a healthy and fun physical activity.

Oct. 18: World Menopause Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of menopause as a natural stage in women’s lives and promotes understanding and support.

Oct. 18: World Tie Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the tie as a fashion accessory and symbol of professionalism and elegance.

Oct. 18: World Fruit and Vegetable Day (Occasion) – Promotes the consumption of fruits and vegetables for their nutritional benefits and healthy lifestyle.

Oct. 18-20: Marketers World (Occasion) – In Rimini, the event the Italian event dedicated to all those who want to start a digital career or who have a business to scale: creators, digital entrepreneurs, freelancers, marketers, influencers and people who are just getting into this world.

Oct. 19: International Breast Cancer Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about breast cancer and promotes prevention, early detection and treatment.

Oct. 19: World Repair Day (Occasion) – Encourages repair and reuse of items to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Oct. 20: World Chef’s Day (Occasion) – Honors chefs and their culinary art, recognizing their contributions to global gastronomic culture.

Oct. 20: International Air Traffic Controller’s Day (International Day) – Recognizes the vital role of air traffic controllers in the safety and efficiency of air transportation.

Oct. 20: Italian Statistics Day (Occasion) – In ideal continuity with the World Statistics Day promoted by the United Nations in October 2010 (and celebrated every 5 years), Italy promotes the development of the statistics function in the country, emphasizing its importance in building society.

Oct. 20: World Information Overload Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the negative effects of information overload and promotes strategies to effectively manage data.

Oct. 20: World Osteoporosis Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of osteoporosis, a bone-weakening disease, and promotes bone health and prevention.

Oct. 21: World Listening Day (International Day) – Encourages practicing active listening and recognizing the importance of listening in communication and interpersonal relationships.

Oct. 22: World Caps Lock Day (Occasion) – A humorous day commemorating the use (and sometimes abuse) of the Caps Lock key on the keyboard.

Oct. 22: World Energy Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of energy for sustainable development and promotes the use of renewable energy sources.

Oct. 22: International Stuttering Awareness Day (International Day) – Promotes understanding and support for people who stutter, encouraging acceptance and inclusion.

Oct. 23: World Snow Leopard Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of snow leopard conservation and the need to protect this threatened species.

Oct. 24: United Nations Day (International Day) – Celebrates the anniversary of the founding of the UN in 1945 and promotes the organization’s values and goals for global peace and development.

Oct. 24: World Information and Development Day (International Day) – Emphasizes the role of information and communication in sustainable development and in promoting universal access to information.

Oct. 24: World Polio Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of polio and the importance of vaccination to eradicate this debilitating disease.

Oct. 24: World Tripe Day (Occasion) – Celebrates tripe as a traditional dish in many cultures and promotes its culinary history.

Oct. 24: World Kangaroo Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the plight of kangaroos and promotes the conservation of these iconic marsupials of Australia.

Oct. 25: World Pasta Day (Occasion) – Celebrates pasta as a global food and promotes its culinary diversity and role in the Mediterranean diet.

Oct. 25: World Shoemaker’s Day (Occasion) – Honors the craft of shoemaking and its role in shoe maintenance and repair.

Oct. 25: World Artists Day (Occasion) – Celebrates artists and their contribution to culture and society through their creativity and expression.

Oct. 25: World Karate Day (Occasion) – Recognizes karate as a martial art and sport, promoting its values of discipline and respect.

Oct. 25: World Dwarfism Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the challenges faced by people with dwarfism and promotes their inclusion and equality.

Oct. 25: World Opera Day (Occasion) – Celebrates opera as an art form and as an expression of beauty, emotion and history through music and theater.

Oct. 26: National Folklore and Folk Traditions Day (International Day) – Values folklore and folk traditions, promoting the preservation of intangible cultural heritage.

Oct. 26: Intersex Awareness Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the existence and experiences of intersex people, promoting their rights and visibility.

Oct. 26: World Swimming Day (Occasion) – Celebrates swimming as a sport, recreational activity and a way to maintain physical health and well-being.

Oct. 27: World Audiovisual Heritage Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of preserving audiovisual documents as an essential part of the world’s cultural heritage.

Oct. 27: International Mother-in-Law Day (Occasion) – A day to celebrate and show appreciation for mothers-in-law, often the subject of stereotypes and jokes.

Oct. 27: Introduction of Daylight Saving Time (Occasion) – Daylight Saving Time ends and Daylight Saving Time returns, so hands one hour back!

Oct. 28: World Caring Day (Occasion) – A day to recognize the comfort and joy that stuffed animals can bring to people of all ages.

Oct. 28: World Plush Lovers Day (Occasion) – Celebrate the art of animation and its impact on culture and entertainment.

Oct. 29: World Stroke Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of stroke as a leading cause of disability and death and promotes prevention and early treatment.

Oct. 29: World Psoriasis Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin disease, and promotes support and understanding for sufferers.

Oct. 29: Internet Day (Occasion) – Commemorates the anniversary of the first computer-to-computer connection that gave rise to the Internet, celebrating the opportunities and transformations it has brought to modern society.

Oct. 30: Checklist Day (Occasion) – Promotes the use of checklists as a tool to improve efficiency and reduce errors in daily and professional activities.

Oct. 30: Forum Retail (Event) – The largest Networking and Technology Experience Hub for the Retail community in Italy returns to Milan.

Oct. 30: Advanced SEO Tool, SpaccaGoogle Edition (Event) – The advanced event for SEO professionals returns, focusing on what is useful to know and learn about the Google Ecosystem.

Oct. 31: World Savings Day (Occasion) – Promotes the importance of savings for individual financial security and economic development.

Oct. 31: World Cities Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of sustainable urbanization and promotes innovation to create better, more livable cities.

Oct. 31: Halloween (Occasion)


Nov. 01-30: Movember (Occasion) – A month dedicated to raising awareness of men’s health, particularly prostate and testicular cancer, and mental health, with men invited to grow mustaches.

Nov. 01: World Veganism Day (International Day) – Promotes veganism as an ethical and sustainable lifestyle and raises awareness of its health and environmental benefits.

Nov. 01: All Saints (Holiday) – A day dedicated to honoring all saints, known and unknown, in the Christian calendar.

Nov. 02: World Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of press freedom and the need to prosecute those responsible for attacks on journalists.

Nov. 02: Day of the Dead (Occasion) – A tradition, particularly strong in Mexico, to commemorate and celebrate the lives of deceased friends and family members.

Nov. 03: National Sandwich Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the sandwich and sandwiches as a versatile and beloved dish, encouraging creativity in their preparation.

Nov. 03: World Cliché Day (Occasion) – A day to recognize and perhaps avoid the overuse of clichés in everyday communication.

Nov. 03: World Jellyfish Day (Occasion) – Raise awareness of the importance of jellyfish in marine ecosystems and their unique beauty.

Nov. 04: Italian Unity and Armed Forces Day (Occasion) – Commemorates national unity and the Italian armed forces, celebrating their history and contributions to the nation.

Nov. 05: Tsunami Awareness Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of tsunami hazards and promotes disaster preparedness and risk reduction.

Nov. 05: Guy Fawkes Night (Occasion) – Remembers the failed 1605 dust plot in England, celebrated with fireworks and bonfires.

Nov. 06: International Day for the Prevention of Environmental Exploitation in War and Armed Conflict (International Day) – Raises awareness of the impact of conflict on the environment and the need to protect it even in times of war.

Nov. 06: National Cancer Fighting Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about cancer prevention, research and treatment, supporting patients and their families.

Nov. 07: World Merlot Day (Occasion) – Celebrates Merlot, one of the world’s most popular grape varieties, and its influence in wine culture.

Nov. 07: World Medical Physics Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the contribution of physics to medicine, particularly through the use of radiological and imaging technologies.

Nov. 08: Guinness World Record Day (Occasion) – Encourages setting new records and celebrates the extraordinary human achievements documented by Guinness World Records.

Nov. 08: World Cappuccino Day (Occasion) – A day to enjoy one of the world’s most beloved coffees and celebrate coffee culture.

Nov. 09: Social Media Kindness Day (Occasion) – Promotes kindness and positive behavior online by encouraging respectful interactions on social media.

Nov. 09: World Adoption Day (Occasion) – Promotes adoption as an option to provide a loving family for children in need.

Nov. 09: World Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism (Occasion) – Commemorates the fight against fascism and anti-Semitism and promotes tolerance and equality.

Nov. 10: World Science for Peace and Development Day (International Day) – Emphasizes the importance of science to society and its role in promoting peace and sustainable development.

Nov. 10: World Interns Day (Occasion) – Recognizes the contribution of interns in the world of work and promotes quality internship experiences.

Nov. 10: World Tongue Twister Day (Occasion) – Celebrates tongue twisters as a form of language play and as a tool for improving diction and elocution.

Nov. 11: Veterans Day (Occasion) – In the United States, it is a federal holiday that honors military veterans for their service and sacrifice. It is also celebrated in other countries, with different names, as a remembrance of the victims and combatants of World War I: notably, in France and Canada it is known Jour du Souvenir, in the UK as Poppy Day.

Nov. 11: Singles Day (Occasion) – Originally originated in China to celebrate singles (due to the presence of four number 1s in the date), it has become one of the largest online shopping days in the world.

Nov. 11: World Orphans Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the challenges faced by orphans and promotes support and care for these children.

Nov. 11: World Day Against the Death Penalty (International Day) – Raises awareness about the abolition of the death penalty and promotes human rights and justice.

Nov. 12: World Day Against Pneumonia (International Day) – Raises awareness about pneumonia, a leading cause of death among children, and promotes prevention and treatment.

Nov. 12: World Lumberjack Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the work of loggers and the importance of sustainable forest management.

Nov. 13: World Kindness Day (Occasion) – Encourages acts of kindness and promotes kindness as a core value in society.

Nov. 13: World Potato Pancake Day (Occasion) – A day to enjoy potato pancakes, a traditional dish in many cultures.

Nov. 14: World Diabetes Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about diabetes, its causes, prevention and management of the disease.

Nov. 14: World Quality Day (Occasion) – Promotes the importance of quality in all aspects of life and industry.

Nov. 16: International Day of Tolerance (International Day) – Promotes tolerance, respect, acceptance and appreciation of cultural and human differences around the world.

Nov. 17: International Students’ Day (International Day) – Commemorates student resistance against totalitarianism and celebrates the role of students in education and society.

Nov. 17: World Premature Infants Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the needs and challenges faced by premature infants and their families.

Nov. 17: World Baklava Day (Occasion) – Celebrates baklava, a traditional dessert of Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisine, and its rich history.

Nov. 17: Black Cat Appreciation Day (Occasion) – Combats superstition and promotes the adoption of black cats, which are often overlooked in animal shelters.

Nov. 17: World Day of Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims (International Day) – Commemorates those who have lost their lives or been injured on the roads and promotes road safety.

Nov. 18: European Day for the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (International Day) – Promotes awareness and prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse of children.

Nov. 19: International Men’s Day (International Day) – Celebrates men and boys and promotes men’s health and gender equality.

Nov. 19: World Toilet Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of access to safe toilets and promotes hygiene and sanitation for all.

Nov. 19: World Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about women’s entrepreneurship and promotes gender equality in business.

Nov. 19-20: BrightonSEO San Diego (Event) – The famous British SEO event also makes a stop in the U.S., maintaining the same format that made it successful in Europe.

Nov. 20: Africa Industrialization Day (International Day) – Promotes industrial development in Africa and economic diversification of the continent.

Nov. 20: World Children’s Day (International Day) – Celebrates children’s rights and promotes attention to the needs of children.

Nov. 20: International Transgender Day of Remembrance (International Day) – Commemorates lives lost to transphobic violence and promotes awareness of transgender rights.

Nov. 21: World Philosophy Day (International Day) – Reflects on the importance of philosophy and critical thinking in daily life and global decisions.

Nov. 21: World Television Day (International Day) – Celebrates the role of television as a medium of communication and information and its impact on society.

Nov. 21: National Tree Day (Occasion) – Celebrates trees and their importance to the environment by promoting tree planting and care.

Nov. 21: World Beaujolais Nouveau Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau, a French wine that is released annually in the third week of November.

Nov. 21: Italian Sandwich Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the Italian sandwich and its variety of flavors and ingredients that represent Italian cuisine.

Nov. 21: World Fisheries Day (Occasion) – Promotes fishing as a recreational activity and its importance for conservation and sustainability.

Nov. 22: National School Safety Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of school safety and promotes safe and secure learning environments for all students.

Nov. 23: Fibonacci Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the famous Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical pattern that appears in various aspects of nature and art.

Nov. 24: World Walrus Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness about walrus conservation and the need to protect these unique marine mammals.

Nov. 24: World Sardine Day (Occasion) – Celebrate sardines, both as an important marine species for ecosystems and as a nutritious and sustainable food.

Nov. 25: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (International Day) – Raises awareness about violence against women and girls and promotes actions to prevent and combat it.

Nov. 26: World Olive Tree Day (International Day) – Celebrates the olive tree as a symbol of peace and wisdom and its economic and cultural importance, particularly in the Mediterranean basin.

Nov. 28: Thanksgiving Day (Occasion) – A traditional holiday in the United States and Canada to express gratitude and share a meal with family and friends.

Nov. 29: Black Friday (Occasion) – Marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season with significant promotions and discounts in stores and online.

Nov. 29: International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (International Day) – Raises awareness of the Palestinian issue and promotes international solidarity in achieving the rights of the Palestinian people.

Nov. 30: St. Andrew’s Day (Holiday) – Celebrates Scotland’s patron saint, St. Andrew, and is celebrated with traditions and festivities across the country.

Nov. 30: Chemical Warfare Victims Memorial Day (International Day) – Commemorates all victims of chemical warfare and reaffirms commitment to the elimination of chemical weapons.


Dec. 01: World AIDS Day (International Day) – Raises awareness about HIV/AIDS and promotes prevention, treatment and support for those affected.

Dec. 01: World Jeweler’s Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the art and craftsmanship of jewelers and their contribution to beauty and elegance.

Dec. 02: International Day for the Abolition of Slavery (International Day) – Raises awareness of the history of slavery and promotes the fight against its modern forms.

Dec. 02: Cyber Monday (Sales) – Marks one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, with deals and promotions for consumers, mainly in the “tech” sector.

Dec. 03: International Day of People with Disabilities (International Day) – Promotes the rights and welfare of people with disabilities in all aspects of society.

December 03: Giving Tuesday, World Giving Day (Occasion) – Encourages generosity and giving as an expression of solidarity and support for charitable causes.

Dec. 03: World Handyman Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the skills and contributions of handymen, those whose practical skills and versatility help repair and improve homes and offices.

Dec. 04: International Banking Day (International Day) – Recognizes the role of banks and financial institutions in economic development and financial stability.

Dec. 04: World Dice Game Day (Occasion) – Celebrates dice games and their role in the history of gaming and entertainment.

Dec. 04: World Cheetah Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of the plight of cheetahs and promotes the conservation of these fast and threatened felines.

Dec. 05: World Soil Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of soil to life on Earth and promotes its sustainable management.

Dec. 05: International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development (International Day) – Celebrates the contribution of volunteers to sustainable development and community well-being.

Dec. 05: World Ninja Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the culture and martial arts of ninjas and their impact on popular culture.

Dec. 05-06: Search Marketing Connect (Occasion) – Kermesse dedicated to education, business and networking on key digital, innovation and entrepreneurship topics.

Dec. 06: World Eco-Fur Day (Occasion) – Promotes the use of ethical alternatives to animal fur and raises awareness of sustainable fashion.

Dec. 07: International Civil Aviation Day (International Day) – Recognizes the importance of civil aviation for global connectivity and economic development.

Dec. 07: World Duchenne Dystrophy Awareness Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and supports research and support for patients.

Dec. 08: Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Holiday) – A Catholic holiday celebrating the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary.

Dec. 09: International Day Against Corruption (International Day) – Raises awareness of corruption and promotes transparency, integrity and accountability.

Dec. 09: World Day for the Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of Genocide and the Prevention of this Crime (International Day) – Commemorates the victims of genocide and promotes the prevention of these crimes against humanity.

Dec. 09: International Day of Veterinary Medicine (International Day) – Celebrates the role of veterinarians in animal care and public health.

Dec. 10: Human Rights Day (International Day) – Commemorates the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and promotes awareness of and respect for human rights worldwide.

Dec. 10: International Animal Rights Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of animal rights and promotes the ethical and humane treatment of all animal species.

Dec. 11: International Mountain Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of mountains to life and the environment and promotes their conservation and sustainable development.

Dec. 11: World Tango Day (Occasion) – Celebrates tango as a cultural expression and as a dance that has influenced art and music globally.

Dec. 12: Christmas Jumper Day (Occasion) – Encourages people to wear Christmas sweaters to spread joy and holiday spirit and often to raise money for charitable causes.

Dec. 12: International Neutrality Day (International Day) – Promotes neutrality as a means for international peace and security and respect for the sovereignty of states.

Dec. 12: Universal Health Coverage Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of universal access to health services and promotes health for all.

Dec. 12: World Poinsettia Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the poinsettia, a plant traditionally associated with Christmas and holiday decoration.

Dec. 13: World Violin Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the violin as a musical instrument and its role in the culture and art of music.

December 13: Santa Lucia (Holiday) – A traditional holiday celebrating Santa Lucia, considered the patron saint of sight, particularly celebrated in Italy and Scandinavian countries.

Dec. 14: World Ape Day (Occasion) – Raises awareness of ape diversity and the need to protect these species and their habitats.

Dec. 14: Tortellini in Broth Day (Occasion) – Celebrates tortellini, a traditional Italian dish, especially served in broth.

Dec. 15: Zamenhofa Tago, Zamenhof and Esperanto Day (International Day) – Commemorates the birth of L.L. Zamenhof, creator of Esperanto, and promotes the idea of an auxiliary international language.

Dec. 15: World Tea Day (Occasion) – Celebrates tea as a global beverage and promotes its history, culture and health benefits.

Dec. 16: World Day of Reconciliation (Occasion) – Encourages reconciliation and forgiveness among individuals and groups to promote peace and harmony.

Dec. 16: National Space Day (Occasion) – In Italy, celebrates the contribution of space to science and technology and promotes space exploration and research.

Dec. 17: Maple Syrup Day (Occasion) – Celebrates maple syrup as a natural sweetener and promotes the tradition of its production.

Dec. 18: International Migrants Day (International Day) – Raises awareness of the challenges and contributions of migrants and promotes their rights and integration.

Dec. 18: Arabic Language Day (International Day) –

Dec. 20: International Human Solidarity Day (International Day) – Promotes solidarity as a core value to achieve common goals of peace and sustainable development.

Dec. 20: World Underdog Day (Occasion) – Celebrates the stories of overcoming adversity and the success of “underdogs,” those who succeed despite unfavorable odds.

Dec. 21: World Snowboard Day (Occasion) – Celebrates snowboarding as a winter sport and a way of life, promoting snowboarding culture and snow safety.

Dec. 21: International Basketball Day (Occasion) – Recognizes basketball as a global sport and promotes its values of team and fair play.

Dec. 22: Winter Solstice (Occasion) – Marks the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, opening winter, often celebrated with traditions and festivities.

December 25: Christmas (Holiday) – Celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ in Christian tradition and is observed as a public holiday in many parts of the world.

December 26: St.Stephen’s Day (Holiday) – The day after Christmas, celebrated in some countries as a holiday to continue Christmas celebrations.

December 26: Boxing Day (Occasion) – Originally celebrated in the UK as a day to give gifts to the poor, now known for retail sales and as a public holiday in several countries.

Dec. 27: International Day for Epidemic Preparedness (International Day) – Raises awareness of the importance of epidemic preparedness and response to protect global health.

December 31: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day (Occasion).

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