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To show, through the first-person account of a user, some of the possible uses (and advantages) of our platform, and in particular the ways in which its functionalities can support activities and interventions even in very specific areas and niches of the market: this is the sense of our corner dedicated to case studies, in which precisely we give the word to one of our readers. Today it is the turn of Giovanni della Ventura of, a blog dealing with topics such as marketing, online business and SEO, who describes to us all the stages of getting acquainted with SEOZoom and the aspects he found most interesting and useful.

SEOZoom, an interesting discovery is a blog in the niche of marketing and in particular blogging, which aims to help anyone who wants to create an online business to do it the right way and without falling into the trap of fake online gurus, who promise quick and easy earnings. Through tutorials and reviews, it tries to make its readers understand which online business to choose, but more importantly how to create it and run it successfully, with real and proven expectations.

Having created a blog in a niche with high competition, namely marketing, it has always been crucial for me to implement a proper SEO strategy and preliminary analysis before creating an editorial calendar, link building plan and ‘optimization of my articles. Although I have tried a variety of such tools, I was pleasantly surprised by the unique features of SEOZoom, which helped me find new topics and correct serious mistakes in my blog, improving it day by day.

Let’s start with the basics

The first thing I do when I use a new tool for SEO and optimization of my blog, is to perform a complete Audit of my website, so that I can go and correct long-standing errors right away.

Thanks to SEOZoom, I was able to do a ‘full analysis of all the pages on my site and was able to find some issues that were negatively affecting my blog.

This was the starting point to work on, but the key factor was that the other tools had NOT alerted me to the presence of these errors, so without the use of SEOZoom I would never have been able to find and fix them.

SEO Spider

For example, I had some H1 and H2 paragraphs with duplicate description, some articles that were missing the Meta Description, and images where the ALT Text was absent.

So I immediately set to work to go and correct all these errors and then I could focus on keyword research and backlinks analysis.

Why the other tools did not completely satisfy me

One problem with the various tools for SEO is that they are not really optimized for the Italian market. For example, doing a keyword search with other similar tools, for keywords like ” SiteGround” or “how to create a blog,” I always got a very low Keyword Difficulty, almost close to zero. Too bad though that these keywords are actually extremely competitive, so the results were not reliable at all, complicating this process by far.

Repeating the same search with SEOZoom and doing a keyword analysis, I was faced with much more truthful results, but most importantly the presence of the “Keyword Opportunity” factor, which is a parameter from 0 to 100 that indicates how optimized the results are that place in the top 10 for that particular keyword.

Analisi keyword con seozoom

This way, you can see right away how much you can really rank for a keyword, especially for a newly created blog or website.

A key tool for increasing Topical Authority

Anyone who has a blog, corporate or personal, knows that a key part is to increase Topical Authority, that is, to write articles that go deep into a topic, so that Google considers us an expert in that particular field. However, the main problem is : how to write articles with different Search Intent and that do not risk overlapping?

To do this, I started a simple keywords search and immediately noticed an important detail. In fact, SEOZoom not only gives an indication of the exact number of monthly searches for a given key value, but also the total volume derived from other related keywords with the same Search Intent.

Analisi del search intent con seozoom


But the best is yet to come.

By clicking on the “Subtopics” heading, SEOZoom gives pointers to other keywords that lead to other different, but related, search results to the main keyword. This is critical for creating a Pillar Article and various articles that delve into sub-topics.

So, if before using SEOZoom I had to perform this process manually and risking getting it wrong (not having clear directions), now I only need to export the data obtained to create a real editorial calendar on a given keyword!

Writing SEO-optimized articles

The hardest part for a blogger comes with the actual content creation. It is essential to create articles optimized for SEO, which therefore should contain not only the main keyword, but also the so-called LSIs to make search engines better understand what we are talking about.

All this used to be possible with dedicated and often expensive software, such as SurferSEO or; SEOZoom allowed me to get the same results by taking advantage of a single tool, guaranteeing me the same precision given in keyword research also regarding the related words to be used within the ‘article.

Smart link building

Link building is one of the most important but at the same time difficult processes for a blog or website, but this is simplified by SEOZoom’s backlinks analysis tool.

First of all, you can analyze the links of competitors, but more importantly, you can divide them according to quality. Obviously, I focused on ” Very High Quality links” and ” High Quality Links,” as for SEO it is not the quantity of backlinks that matters but rather the quality.

Analisi backlink

This is a very important factor, as it allowed me to save time and focus on backlinks that could actually give me an advantage in terms of visibility and Authority.

In addition to this, thanks to the “Find Link Partners” tool, SEOZoom gave me a list of potential domains, but mostly inherent to my niche, to contact for possible opportunities of this kind.

To do this, all I had to do was enter my domain and the keyword I wanted to target, and there you have it:

Trova link partner

Using this powerful tool, I created a list of potential targets for my linkbuilding campaigns, easing the process and focusing on the quality and relevance of links, rather than quantity.

My final verdict

All in all, I think SEOZoom is a very versatile tool, inexpensive compared to its competitors but above all optimized for the Italian market.

It also makes available really interesting tools for those who need to create an editorial plan and increase Topical Authority, thanks to the creation of clusters and a very simple and precise keywords search.

Although I have been using SEOZoom for a relatively short time, I immediately noticed improvements in terms of search engine rankings and traffic, as in the image below.

Risultati delle ottimizzazioni

The free guides and demonstration tutorials on Youtube helped me better understand how to use this tool and take advantage of all its innovative features.

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