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Zoom Authority imposed itself over the years as the most widely used metric to assess the value of the sites and for the negotiation of link building campaigns. But there is an objective limitation: the logarithmic comparision is calculated on the whole set of indexed and ranked sites on Google Italy (and Google UK, for our british users), making then the challenge impossible for specific sectors and niche projects. That is exactly why Ivano Di Biasi and Giuseppe Liguori just invented Topical Zoom Authority!

The value of the Zoom Authority

Before going to discover how the new metric, that will officially be released in 2020, works we need to understand the characteristics of the Zoom Authority that represents its true and proper “foundation”.

We are talking about a parameter giving you a picture of the appreciation and behaviour Google is showing toward a specific site, by analyzing fundamental and tangible factors such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, engagement, search volume per ranked keyword and growth opportunities.

Therefore, it is not a mere calculation of received backlinks, but rather an unfakeable value, in constant evolution and able to also adapt to Google’s variations.

Metrics for link building

This does not actually mean that it is a perfect or unfailing metric, obviously, because it is still based on data analysis; compared to other parameters, though, Zoom Authority surely is neutral given the fact that it is not a SEOZoom evaluation, but rather an unbiased analysis of what Google thinks of a specific site, and for that a reliable overview of the domain value.

There is a limit, though, especially from a link building perspective: it does not analyze the single contexts and does not calculate on a logarithmic scale basis. This means that the classification gathers together all of the sites recognized by, from the smallest newborn one up until the biggest juggernauts of the ZA 100 field ( da quello più piccolo e appena nato fino ai colossi del settore di ZA 100 (the “seed site”, the “best italian site” according to the given parameters: but, for the record, a ZA 100 site does not even exist and only Wikipedia comes the closest to it with ZA 99).

Furthermore, the logarithmic scale nowadays makes more and more complex the climbing toward higher values, given the fact that the distance between an interval and another are not consistent nor constant and every “mark” is based on the logarithm of each number. On easier terms, it is very easy to increase ZA at lower ranges, while it becomes more and more difficult to do so when reaching higher thresholds.

Here it comes Topical Zoom Authority for every niche

 These characteristics threatened to penalize those sites working on small market niches, inevitably stalled at lower Zoom Authority values than general sites: covering less searched topics, with low volume keywords and obviously less traffic compared to the online giants, these kind of sites were not able to emerge beyond a specific ZA threshold.

That is why it was so urgent to invent an entire new parameter, the Topical Zoom Authority, that will be able to sort out each site within a specific topic, effectively creating a whole new graduatory and allowing everyone to know the best site on each online field!

For instance, if a site about fishing now has ZA 32, with the new system could reach a TZA level equal to 100 or 90 for the distinctive subject, as the best site about fishing in Italy. And this goes to any kind of area of activity!

A revolution in evaluating sites for the link building

It will be a true and proper revolution for link building negotiations, because it will allow everyone to find out in a glance the true value of a site both on absolute and specific field of interest, and will also guarantee a different visibility to the multitude of projects operating on small or straight hidden niches.

The feature has been launched right in the past few hours and currently SEOZoom system is studying every single site on in order to categorize them, before actually proceeding with TZA assessments. It will then take a few days to settle at full capacity and, right after that, the new metric should already be at work with the new year in Italy and a little after that for our UK platform.

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