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Today, every company and brand produces content, often even in an almost unintentional way: we are on Facebook, Instagram, X or TikTok, we have a YouTube channel with promotional videos, explanations or advertising content, we publish blog posts or website news, we generate a stream of content. In this hyper-competitive digital reality, creating and publishing high-quality content is only half the battle, which must be completed by succeeding in ensuring that readers have a positive experience with this content. Therefore, English-speaking experts have coined an expression that is used to define the environment in which our content “lives,” namely the content experience, an aspect that is good to delve into in order to understand how to improve our site and how to provide readers with positive experiences and interactions with the page. So let’s find out all about the content experience, starting with the definition of what it is and tips for taking care of all the aspects that relate to this topic and also impact SEO.

What is Content Experience

Let’s start with definitions.

Content experience is the overall interaction a user has with the content of a website or app, which is not only about the content itself, but also about the way it is presented and organized.

In other words, the content experience is about both the “what” (the content) and the “how” (the presentation and organization), affecting everything that ties in with the content and the context in which it fits: the way the page is structured and organized, the language used, the images chosen, the way it captures users’ attention and also creates engagement with the brand through elements such as personalization.

The bottom line is that we all – consciously or unconsciously – provide a content experience, which can be good, bad or ugly. Therefore, it is appropriate and sensible to avoid publishing disconnected content, instead trying to implement a focused effort to ensure that the experience is productive.

Understanding the content experience: the key elements

The content experience therefore is not limited to the simple act of content enjoyment, but extends to everything that can influence the user’s perception, such as font choice, page layout, video quality, presence of subtitles, clarity of audio, and integration of advertisements. That is, it is configured as a journey that the user takes with a brand’s content, which begins from the moment this content is discovered until it is read, viewed, and interacted with.

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