Google quality raters guidelines, here come new indications on quality and YMYL

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More details on the category of YMYL content, clarifications on what low-quality pages means, simplification interventions for some definitions and minor corrections: a year after the last update, Google has published new guidelines for Search Quality Raters, the Quality Rater Guidelines that, as usual, they also offer important insights to those who try to understand what are the roads to building pages and content in tune with what Google wants to place higher in search results.

Quality Rater Guidelines, Google updates the document after one year

The previous update of these guidelines dates back to October 2020, and on that occasion Google brought the document to a total of 175 pages, without modifying the content very clearly. This time, however, despite the reduction to 172 pages total, the interventions seem more substantial, because they concern the content that falls into the YMYL category, the explanations on the pages of inferior quality and in general everything that regards the way in which Google tries to estimate the characteristics of the EAT of the pages.

The 5 news of the October 2021 update

The update, dated October 19, 2021 and available online at the URL, introduces significant changes and clarifications on issues also useful to the SEO; specifically, as reported in the changelog at the end of the document, are the 5 areas in which Google’s work has been focused:

  1. Expanded the definition of the YMYL “People groups” subcategory (to cover more groups of people who might feel marginalized or attacked by others).
  2. Updated the guide on how to search for information about the reputation of websites and content creators.
  3. Renovated and updated the “Lowest Page Quality” section, with examples reorganized and updated to reflect the new structure.
  4. Simplified the definition of “Upsetting-Offensive” to remove redundancy with the Lowest Page Quality sect