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There is quite the stir in the international SEO community after that, in recent days, several webmasters and consultants have received a report in Google Search Console communicating a manual action against the site for the presence of improperly labeled guest post articles. Let’s try to find out what is actually going on and how this can affect link building.

Google’s manual actions against guest posts

According to the first info collected by Search Engine Journal, it seems that Google has launched a zero tolerance intervention towards sites publishing guest posts and there are several reports of penalties for unnatural outbounding links.

In particular, in the case reported in the online newspaper we can find the message received from a publisher, whose site has undergone a manual action by Google that “noticed that some of his articles were guest posts” and therefore has “disabled his authority on his outbounding links” and “ignored the trust in site links”, thereby preventing them from generating PageRank to the linked site.

Penalty for guest post

More specifically, the Search Console message (shown below, directly from SEJ) reports that “Google has identified a link pattern from the site toward something else appearing unnatural or irrelevant” and that “attempts to artificially manipulate the search engine ranking”. This situation “forces search results to show pages not relevant to the user’s query” and violates Google’s Webmaster guidelines.

As penalty, Google is “ignoring the trust of your site’s links”, allowing the webmaster to “remove unnatural links on the site and send a reconsideration request“.

Il messaggio ricevuto in Google Search Console