SMXL22: let’s head to Milan for the big SEO and digital marketing event!

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Two days of training on digital marketing, with a special eye on the state of SEO, more than 50 national and international experts, expo & demo areas, a lot of desire to network and meet in person: on November 15 and 16, SMXL Milan 2022, one of the most important events in the industry at European level, is back. And, as mentioned, it’s finally back in person, after the last few editions forced to be streamed: the appointment is inside the Allianz Mico in Milan, and once again SEOZoom will be protagonist of the chats!

SMXL 22, the event program

The format of the event does not change, so the three macro-areas of interest are confirmed again this year, namely the SMXL parallel sessions focused on Social Media, ADV and SEO, involving over 50 of the top Italian and foreign marketing experts on topics such as Lead Generation, Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Marketing, Communication and visual identity, Pay Per Click Marketing, e-Commerce management, Data Analytics and Best strategies on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Linkedin.

There is a novelty, on the other hand, regarding the leadership of the sessions, because for the 2022 edition new-entry Fjona Cakalli has been involved as chairwoman of the “social media” area: content creator, speaker, tech influencer, TV host, but also editor-in-chief and digital entrepreneur, Cakalli is the creator of Games Princess, the first Italian website dedicated to video games run exclusively by girls, and then of Tech Princess, a portal that tells about technology with a fresh look. Alongside her we once again find Gianpaolo Lorusso for Paid topics and our CEO Ivano Di Biasi, who has been tasked with running the sessions on SEO.

All three of them will give life to the SMXL Milan 22 program through plenary sessions, parallel track sessions on SEO, SEM, Social Media, Analytics, Web Marketing, CRO, expo & demo areas and networking spaces that will allow participants to deepen and acquire skills, techniques and tools that are more effective and used internationally, thanks also to the comparison with great experts and specialists in the field in all its facets. Then, on the same days, AIXA, the largest summit dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, and IAB Forum are also held at Allianz Mico, completing the educational offerings on the topics of digital evolution.

SEO sessions at SMXL 22: participants and topics

Let’s look in more detail at the topics and speakers of the SEO sessions, articulated in a series of speeches “concentrated” in about half an hour to offer many insights on various macro areas: opening the works at SMXL 22 is the keynote by Ivano Di Biasi, who will talk about Google’s Core Web Vitals with an introduction to metrics and, most importantly, a real case study to analyze the impact of targeted optimization on organic traffic.

On November 15, professionals of the caliber of Gianluca Fiorelli and Aleyda Solis, Emanuele Arosio, Giovanni Sacheli, Marco Ronco, Filippo Sogus, Elia Zanon and our trainer Elisa Contessotto will take turns on stage, explaining in particular how to update content to improve its effectiveness, with a focus on Google’s award-winning search intent.

The next day we will start again with Marco Volpe, Alessandro Vercellotti, Laura Copelli, Cristina Maccarone, Alessio Pomaro, Luca Olovrap, Flavio Mazzanti, Jacopo Matteuzzi, Fabio Antichi and Daniele Carnelli.

A team of experts that will offer special and specific points of views on the different souls SEO is made of today: from optimization for international markets to the most valid frameworks to set and follow strategies, from the correct approach to react to core updates to technical optimizations, from tools to monitor and understand data to the most appropriate interventions to improve content and pages.