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We open a new window on the daily use of SEOZoom and the success stories told first-hand by our users. Today, presenting his experience is Elia Caneppele, who manages the website, an online hardware shop specialising in window and door accessories, and has succeeded, thanks to our tools, in increasing the organic visits of this online shop, in particular by improving SEO in the categories and creating informative content on valuable keywords.

SEOZoom tools for Windowo

Elia wanted to submit his case in order to offer interesting insights for those who have an e-Commerce but do not have a team to devote to content creation, and therefore ‘have to fend for themselves, as I did’.

As usual, we let him speak for himself and go into the details of the strategic operations, interventions and tools that made it possible to achieve this good result.

Elia’s story

Here is the premise: my goal obviously is to sell more and increase visits as much as possible in the shortest possible time. I never have time: I have to create content, manage major problems, check orders/suppliers/customers. On top of that, I have two small children who get out of school at half past three in the afternoon.

I have people to help me, but the content part I do all by myself (even at night, if needed).

I use SEOZoom because it’s simple, the focus is on the Italian language and it advises you which are the best things to do first to get the result first. I also tried Semrush, but SEOZoom is the only one that guides you, you never feel alone. Every day it tells you: look today you should do this. Almost like a video game, it’s great because you always want to score higher.

The strategy to improve the organic traffic

The ‘real’ work began in 2019, when I realised that the site was only well positioned with brand and product names, but that for transactional and informational words, especially dry ones, it was not making visits. I realised this by observing my competitors thanks to SEOZoom.

Specifically, I started with my macro-categories – handles, mosquito nets, automation, demotic, burglar-proof – and then I moved on to the sub-categories: in 6 months of optimisation work, I went from 10,000 to an estimated 20,000 visits. I would look up the most important keywords on SEOZoom and then write an article, trying to follow all the advice presented by the editor of the editorial plan.

L'analisi del dominio Windowo

I made the leap to 50,000 plus thanks to the blog content: I used SEOZoom to figure out which topics to cover based on the number of searches made. It is true that they are not purely commercial keywords, but they do relate to my sector, such as window bonuses and renovation, which are pulling strong.

Most used tools and features to improve content and increase visits

Among the tools I use the most in my optimisation work is undoubtedly the editorial assistant, which in my opinion is worth the subscription alone.

My routine starts with keyword analysis: I search for the word and proceed until I get to the main keyword, having the tool suggest to me which word is most searched for – maybe we are convinced that all of Italy uses a certain word to indicate a certain product, but this is not true.

For example, I thought that everyone used the expression ‘components for doors and windows’, while instead ‘accessories for doors and windows’ is more common, probably a derivation from the English ‘accessories’, even though it is an improper translation, because in English the word ‘accessories’ does not indicate an extra and optional thing, as in Italy. To my cost, I had to learn that one has to follow the most used terms, even if they are ‘wrong’.

Obviously, in my strategy I look not only at the number of searches, but also at consistency with the products I sell: for example, I recently fixed the page that I had previously placed for the query ‘shutter boxes’, which was most searched. However, since I sell systems for insulating shutter boxes, I changed the main keyword.

Going back to the standard optimisation process, once I have selected the most important word I click ‘write article’ and the editorial assistant structures my work by telling me which steps to follow, e.g. whether to add an internal or external link (preferably both), how to use the h1 h2 and h3 SEO headings, number of words, and above all check if I use secondary words.

Knowing which words are missing is crucial.

The only addition I would make if I were you is a final check to make sure it is original content (I use copyscape as an anti-plagiarism software): I don’t like to copy – and it is wrong too – but maybe I start from an initial draft with some pieces I find online and my fear is to forget them in the article.

L'evoluzione della ZA del sito

Another section I use a lot is domain overview, which I check to see if the direction of what I am doing is correct or should I reverse course. If the Zoom Authority increases or the volumes are as expected I can rest easy, otherwise it is a red flag.

Elia’s final thoughts: why to choose SEOZoom for e-Commerce sites

Considering that I work in a niche of the niche, I am very satisfied, also because it is not easy to get visits selling window and door accessories.

I now get visits from a newspaper specialising in windows and doors, despite only writing an article every week or two.

L'aumento del traffico

Every day I open the project to keep an eye on the situation and see where to intervene, especially monitoring keywords with potential.

 In conclusion, SEOZoom has optimised my content creation work and I recommend it to everyone.

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