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How to evaluate a website? Which are the parameters to keep in consideration to understand if a site is healthy and real, especially from a link building perspective? These ones are all pretty frequent questions to whoever works online activities, especially if they are beginners, and that could all have the same answer: the Zoom Authority!

Zoom Authority’s value

It can seem the same old self-celebration move, but really all it takes is to look at the discussions on various social channels dedicated to link building negotiations to realize how much our ZA has become the most used metric to evaluate websites and links, at least here in Italy at the moment. And the reason behind this success is all inside the philosophy that pushed us to release this kind of parameter, different from anything else online.

The difference with other metrics

We were talking about this a few months back, commenting the words and doubts of SEO expert Amit Raj on Domain Authority: SEO tools and metrics are surely useful if used with selfawareness and foresight, but they need to be “interpreted” because they are generally based on previsional values, simplistic if not in high danger of manipulation.

The ZA, a self-evolving metric fully able to adapt to Google

Here lies the biggest difference in philosophy of the Zoom Authority that, like any other SEOZoom metrics, does not consider neither the volume traffic nor the backlinks. In order to keep the parameter neutral, ZA has been created starting from the simple observation of the SERPs and Google’s approval of the site: for that it is not “fakeable“, and – most important – in constant evolution and adaptation. To be clear, even if Google would change the algorithm 10 thousand times (and we know how frequent broad core updates are!), our feature will automatically adapt.

Zoom Authority and Link Building: an “unfakeable” value!

Back to Domain Authority (that we should analyze as maybe the most famous of all), even developer Moz Russ Jones admitted that it represents “a score that can foresee the actual probability for a site to position itself in SERP“, computed through the combination of a series of internal parameters such as number of links and spam score.

ZA analyzes what Google thinks about the site

Right on the numbers of backlinks we could open an endless digression, just because all it takes is to pick a restored site with million of previous and still active links to falsify this factor! On the contrary, Zoom Authority succeeds in analyzing what Google thinks of the site: this doesn’t really mean that it is perfect or infallible, but that it surely offers a pretty useful and reliable overview of the site’s value, because it takes a look to the fundamental aspects like organic traffic, the engagement and growth opportunities.

ZA and link building: on why it is the most popular metric to evaluate sites

Reading around some conversations online in groups and forums Link Building dedicated we found various references to our metric: to only quote one of them, there is who highlights that “ZA indicates how much Google likes a website, the higher the Zoom Authority the higher the site is ranked and better it succeeds in positioning new posts“, summing up all the practical benefits to set up a link acquisition strategy also based on the study of the hosting site’s value.

The main thing to remember, though, is that SEO is not something to improvise: all of the SEO tools, ZA included, must be used in a reasonable and considerate way in order to reach the goal and gain an optimized and well-positioned site.

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