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A more granular and complete view of each website, thanks to the ability to discover all the keywords for which they placed on Google categorized in a “maniacal” way: for a few weeks now the renewed analysis of the Sectors has been launched on SEOZoom, improving the previous version thanks to higher information for quantity and quality.

New SEOZoom Sectors

In order to achieve this goal it was necessary “a maniacal job to say the least to classify millions of keywords of specific sectors in Italy, Great Britain and Spain”, as explained Ivano Di Biasi in presenting the functionality, already available in the three databases and online markets that SEOZoom currently covers.

sectors tab


For Italy, for example, the sectors of websites have gone from a hundred to over 3300 “with a granularity of information that no tool in the world has at the moment”.

Launching the domain analysis – both in the classic open search and in projects – it is possible to view all the keyword for which the site is ranked in every sector, with a set of data and information to deepen the study.

How the feature works

The new categorization scans each website with X-rays and calculates the Topical Zoom Authority for extremely vertical sectors, offering a complete view of all the topics for which a site, although small, competes and proves to be more experienced than others. The same TZA has been extended to every single vertical aspect, also because many websites are extremely specialized on some topics and it was important to reflect this feature in the data.

The sector rankings are based on the relative keyword for which the domains are positioned and the analysis allows to discover many useful aspects for strategies, both in terms of competition and investigation for possible links.

What information we can find in Sectors

The feature is in fact a valid support for the study of competitors and in order to have in a few minutes a strategic overview of the keyword for which a particular website is located.


The tool can be launched within the ANALYZE → WEBSITE area and shows a dashboard divided into three parts:

  1. In the left table, called Sectors, are highlighted the sectors recognized by SEOZoom in which the domain has placed keyword, in addition to the position of the domain in its classic. Back to the previous example, SEOZoom recognizes about 22 main categories and 3300 subcategories for Italy, within which it manages to group the relevant keyword for that sector.

all sectors tab


  1. In the table on the right, there are keywords related to the category selected in the table on the left. For each keyword you can read the location in SERP, the average search volume, the CPC and the PPC, the url of the page placed, seasonality, keyword difficulty and keyword opportunity. Moreover, the tool also allows us to add the keyword of interest to the list of favorite keywords (just tick the + icon next to each keyword) to insert them later in a project or a specific keyword research.

sectors detail


  1. The highlighted boxes above the table show the key information of the site for the selected category: Ranking position, Topical Zoom Authority, Total search volume of all keyword placed in the sector, Total number of keywords placed in the sector.

Info box

How to use SEOZoom Sectors

The study of the sectors in which a domain is developing is very useful when we analyze our site, since it allows us to understand whether the strategy we have adopted so far has given the expected results or if it is necessary to better orient the work, but it becomes even more relevant when we study the site of one of our competitors.

In this case, in fact, the overall view provided by Seozoom can be of great help to understand which are the growing areas our competitor is focusing its activities on, as well as to check in depth which are the keyword that the site in analysis has managed to rank with.

But this in-depth analysis is also very interesting in view of ADV collaborations or link building tactics, because it allows you to discover websites that perhaps before went completely unnoticed, because niche traffic did not reach a detectable or attractive level.

Thanks to the more granular categorization we can identify websites that can even make a few thousand visits a month, but they still prove to be the best to contact if we want to promote something in their niche, instead of giving priority to the few, usual and well-known generalists, who dominate quite everything.

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