Google SERPs, what is behind this extreme volatility?

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Like the Hogwarts stairs in the world of Harry Potter, Google’s SERPs like to change, we know that by now. Yet what has internationally been happening in the last few days has few precedents, at least from the point of view of intensity: our SERP Observatory, and also our other tools for monitoring changes in rankings, are indeed reporting extreme volatility in placements, with high peaks compared to regular average activity. But it is precisely our tool that also makes us realize an additional relevant fact: these movements are not fully perceived at the traffic level because they mainly affect Google pages following the first one.

Traffic variations on Google, what is going on

International experts have already called it a Googlequake: for the past few days, analytical tools have been finding extreme levels of volatility in Google search results internationally, with data way out of scale with respect to regular average values.

The situation is so abnormal that Barry Schwartz, as usual very keen on catching everything going on in the Google world and community in a timely manner, has even speculated that this “crazy Google volatility” has somehow broken the automated SERP tracking tools, which since last weekend have been presenting numbers and values never shown before.

The other bizarre aspect, in fact, is that the SEO community has no particular pulse on these variations, because there are apparently no similarly intense reports of fluctuations in traffic, visits and conversions.

In other words, what is surprising is not only the amount of fluctuations being recorded, but also (if not