Who are the Google quality raters and what guidelines they follow

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A team of over 16 thousand people, active worldwide and engaged in a specific task: evaluate the results provided by Google in the light of the guidelines provided by the company, to find out whether the SERPs actually meet the criteria reported and whether, therefore, users receive an effective and positive service. Today we try to find out more about Google Quality Raters and the documents they must refer to, to understand what they really do, debunk some myths and, no less importantly, understand how their work affects Research and what you need to know about the concept of EEAT.

Who are the Google Quality Raters

It was at least the 2005 when Google launched the quality raters program, involving a small army of testers, evaluators and quality reviewers in the evaluation work of its final product, namely the SERPs shown to the public, the pages containing the search results.

After several years of rumors and speculation, in August 2022 the company drafted an official document (periodically updated) explaining who these figures are and how they work, confirming that it indirectly employs about 16 thousand quality raters worldwide, paid per hour (13.5 dollars, it seems), through a network of contracting companies. These external Google employees are hired through term and temporary employment contracts, which can be renewed but generally never last very long.

These people are the driving force behind the “Search Quality Rating Process“, which precisely measures the quality of Search results on an ongoing basis through the efforts of the 16,000 external Quality Raters, who provide ratings based on special guidelines and “represent real users and their likely information needs, using their judgment to represent their locality,” as clarified by Google.

How can one becomes a google evaluator?

There is obviously a good deal of secrecy around this program, and there is no way to submit your quality rater application or an office or email to which you can send a resume: as far as you can expect, it is Google that directly contacts the people it identifies as potential evaluators considering them up to the task (sometimes bloggers scattered around the world), or delegates in subcontract the search to specialized agencies.