Evergreen contents: what they are and how to exploit them for the SEO

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We repeat it frequently, as if it was a mantra: knowing the dynamics of the web allows us to “make the right traffic, for the right users, at the right time”. This is what it means for us to work strategically and in SEO perspective in every aspect of the management of the site, and in particular in the editorial planning that can help us set up the creation of content that conquers readers and Google.

In this sense, it is important to take a step back and go back to the basics of SEO copywriting to know what are the types of articles on which to focus our attention and reaffirm the value of evergreen contents, that can become the pillars on which the organic traffic of our site is based.

How traffic from Google works

An important aspect in setting up an editorial plan, often overlooked, is having the basic know-how on how traffic from search engines works.

If in classical media such as television the audience of a channel depends mainly on its schedule – and therefore on the interest that the programs broadcast arouse in people – and it may be enough to introduce new shows to increase it, intercepting new tastes of the public, for the Web the situation is slightly different.

The number values of the potential audience we can aspire to know them upstream: are the data of the volume of searches for the keywords we are working on, that tell us that if we can position ourselves on search engines with those specific keys, we can reach the audience we are interested in.

Knowing the interests of the web audience

At this point, however, we must also understand what are the factors that regulate the interest of the “people of the Web” and guide its readings. In principle, we can distinguish three types of subjects, in which we can insert (sometimes also in a transversal way) the contents we produce.

  1. Evergreen. As the term suggests, they are topics that never lose interest and maintain a constant involvement of the public during the months of the year and even for more years.

They give life to articles that we can consider the pillars of our organic traffic, because they focus on keywords that are not subject to large variations in the volume of searches over time. If we manage to rank thanks to many aspects of the topic, we are sure to have laid the foundations for our website: whatever happens to other types of content, such as news or passing articles, We will always have the strong shoulders of a group of evergreens that support the minimum traffic of the site.

To intercept these topics we can produce content