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Digital commerce is now a daily reality in almost all the world, and the pandemic has made clear the usefulness of this system: according to the latest statistics, in the last year has made a virtual purchase about 39% of the world population, amounted to almost 3 billion online buyers; in Europe alone, at the end of 2020, the total value of the sector reached 717 billion euros (about 13% more than in 2019).

It is therefore crucial to be present at best in this scenario, and Google offers some guidance to improve communication with potential customers through the unique identification of products.

How to improve product info

The article published on the official Google Search Central blog, in fact, leads us to the discovery of basic guidelines to provide better information on products to buyers, divided according to the type of activity carried out.

As Randy Rockinson, Product Manager for Product Data at Google Shopping, writes, Google’s mission is to “organize worldwide information” and organizing product information for buyers and retailers is an essential part of this mission.

If we think that, according to recent analyses, in the course of 2020 80% of the 4.5 billion users connected to the Internet on a global scale performed at least one online search for products or services, we can understand how important it is not only to be present on Google, but also being able to be noticed by those who are potentially interested in what we have to offer.

On Google several channels for shopping

The search engine is pushing a lot on its role in E-commerce, and the post recalls the new experiences introduced in recent times to “allow brands and retailers to list their products for free on Google”both in the classic Search through a product knowledge panel and in the Google Shopping tab.

But there is one aspect that those who do business in this area cannot and must not overlook: “clearly identify the products mentioned” to help users to find the best content and products in the Search. For this reason, Rockinson has written a quick guide to provide manufacturers, retailers and publishers with the right guidance to ensure that Google “understands the products they are selling or referenced to”.

How Google identifies online and offline products

Before explaining the practical aspects of optimization, the Shopping Product Manager opens a (useful) parenthesis to clarify