WMF! 2022, it was great to see you all again!

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For years now SEOZoom has been a regular (and welcomed, we are proud – but also confident, judging from the reception – to say) presence at the Rimini Web Marketing Festival – or rather, We Make Future-Festival of Digital Innovation, according to the new, more extensive meaning of the acronym – and we certainly couldn’t miss the 10th edition, which was already promising to be the “edition of records” in terms of the number of participants and personalities involved. At the end of the three days, staged in the new location of the Fiera di Rimini from 16 to 18 June, we returned home tired, voiceless (especially Ivano) but above all happy and satisfied with the experience and the contacts made, finally in person after years of inevitable virtuality.

WMF! 2022 in Rimini, the fair of records

For the first time at the Fiera di Rimini, with renovated and enlarged spaces compared to the previous venue of the Palacongressi, WMF number 10 welcomed more than 36,000 participants and 250 Italian and foreign exhibitors, offering a programme articulated in more than 100 events, 77 training and open stages dedicated to the main themes of digital and social innovation, including training, culture and entertainment.

The opening focused onb such as activism, respect for human rights and unity among peoples, in line with the mission of the event organised by Search On Media Group, namely ‘to build a better future by uniting skills and knowledge from all over the world’.

But the 2022 edition also gave a lot of space to more strictly tech and digital topics, such as SEO, Web3 and Metaverse, Nft, Space economy, Artificial intelligence, Cybersecurity, Crypto and Blockchain, Digital transformation, Journalism & Publishing, Coding, Social media strategies, Digital health, HR and Digital skills, up to and including social issues such as legality, sustainability, climate change and accessibility.

SEOZoom at the WMF in Rimini, our impressions

It was strange to be back in attendance three years after the last full edition, the WMF2019, which saw us as the protagonist of an event within the event, but it only took a few minutes to familiarise with the new location and welcome all visitors to our stand.

Il nostro team a Rimini

Also thanks to its strategic location, in the heart of one of the pavilions, our large stand attracted practically everyo