The SEO Show, top names of international SEO in Naples

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It will be one of the most important SEO and web marketing events of the year here in Italy, with a program full of top names of the world scene and a location of exception: there are still a few months left to The SEO Show Naples, but our organizational machine is in full throttle and working hard for you all!

What is The SEO Show, Naples

Let’s recap our info: this event is signed by SEOZoom, it will take place over two days – September 11th and 12th – and sees the participation of big international speakers, considered true and proper gurus on the SEO, web marketing and online business fields.

To make the experience even more extraordinary, we bet on a venue of great scenic impact: the event takes place in fact at the Castel dell’ovo of Naples, a fascinating and magical place, which will be the ideal scenario to learn about the latest trends related to online activities and to network with some of the most influential personalities in the industry.

The SEO Show, all the SEO gurus in Naples!

It all started from an innocent joke launched almost as a game (or challenge) by our Ivano Di biasi on the occasion of the last SMXL Milan to the participants of the various panels: why not organize a big SEO and Web marketing event in Naples, too?

The idea was immediately greeted with interest and curiosity, convincing us of the fact that there really was the possibility of creating a huge event and, at the same time, overcoming the “prejudices” against the city of Naples and the southern area of the country, considered unsuitable to host innovative and relevant events.

The speakers of the neapolitan event

Reading the names of the confirmed speakers is enough to understand what The SEO Show Naples is and will be: there is Bill Slawski, one of the world’s most renowned SEOs and Google patent expert; there is Purna Virji, Senior Manager of Global engagement at Microsoft and one of the most influential PPC experts in the world; and then there are Jono Alderson, who deals with special projects for Yoast, David Amerland, specialized in studies on the evolution of search engines and social media and author of many researches on the world of neuroscience and brain analytic, Dawn Anderson, entrepreneur and assistant lecturer for the chair of digital marketing strategy, Search engine marketing (SEM) and marketing analytics at Manchester Metropolitan University.

We must also mention Aleyda Solis, that Forbes put in the list of the “digital marketing specialists” to follow, Jason Barnard, considered an authority on Google Ranking Algorithm, and the experts of technical SEO Jamie Alberrico, David Sottimano and Izzy Smith.

And then there’s Gary Illyes, Google’s Webmaster trend analyst, who will submit to a session of Q&A on everything about Google’s wide ecosystem and web research.

The program of The SEO Show Naples

Right in these days the official program of the event is being defined: in order to offer an effective and practical training path, all interventions will fit into a well-defined scheme, that addresses and deepens the main themes and critical issues of Web Marketing and SEO. Each speaker was invited to prepare an original contribution for the occasion, so as to overcome the “old” typical event format with spotted and disconnected speeches.

The SEO’s educational path

We will therefore talk about the past, present and future of both the SEO and the “online work”, with a glance launched towards the next scenarios of these activities and the possible evolutions of the field.

And so, David Sottimano will explain how to automate the daily SEO using tools and APIs that require zero (or almost zero) programming, Fabrizio ballarini will focus on SEO for StartUp with practical directions on how to start an effective strategy and Flavio Mazzanti on tactics for the local SEO.

Other interventions will lead us instead on different aspects of the optimization work: with her speech, Aleyda Solis invites us to exploit all the potential of videos so to always be a step ahead in the search systems of Google and YouTube; Alessio Pomaro will talk about Voice Search SEO, while Dawn Anderson will give us an overview on the disambiguation of signals and problems that can be present on the sites and compromise their performance on the search engine.

Tomorrow’s SEO challenges

The considerations of Jono Alderson, David Amerland and Bill Slawski are wider and almost philosophical. The latter will focus on entities recognized by Google using natural language processing and machine learning (as in the case of Google BERT) and the impact that these developments can have for those working on site optimization. Amerland instead will describe us the “mental game of the SEO“, giving an in-depth look at how the practical SEO activity changes, and – lastly – Alderson asks us an interesting question.

What happens when there is nothing left to correct on the sites? A question apparently rhetorical, but that can become istead very much realistic if we think about how much the involvement of Google in projects such as AMP, Schema and WordPress is silently changing the very nature of the Internet, already forcing us to change our way of thinking so that we can compete in this new world.

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