SMXL Milan 2019, here is the final Agenda of the Event

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Microsoft’s Jason Miller, Brendan Kane, Aleyda Solis, Britney Muller and, as if it wasn’t enough, Bill Slawski that, with his 23 years on field, is by far the main and most famous SEO oriented Google licences’ expert. These are only a few names of the ones that actually are on the agenda of SMXL Milan 2019, the upcoming event that also sees SEOZoom among its featured guests.

SEOZoom will attend SMXL Milan 2019

At its 7th edition, the event will be taking place in Milan from the 5th to the 7th of November and – as mentioned before – will witness the strong contribution of our brand: SEOZoom is official sponsor of the event. Our CEO Ivano Di Biasi has been chosen as chairman SEO and for that will be on stage with all the other field specialists. In the end, our team will pursue a whole training day with SEO Doomsday.

SEO Doomsday’s agenda in Milan

Let’s discover this last issue, the new training rendezvous by SEOZoom: registrations officially start in the morning of the 6th of November at 9 a.m., followed by a first session concerning everything about keyword research. Elisa Contessotto will be in charge of guiding the audience to analyze an example niche market, every buyer personas and the inexpressed site’s potentials, starting with the study of a keyword, a query and the innovative and accurate way Google provides answers to its users in order to plan a winning SEO oriented strategy.

A SEO training day by SEOZoom

There will then be a speech by the suite’s co-founder, Giuseppe Liguori, about the technical SEO Audit, creating a focus on the crawl budget‘s study, on the analysis of the structure and on-site errors thanks to SEOZoom and Google Search Console combined data, trying to find all possible solutions of on-site technical SEO optimization that can prevent any user’s or Google’s resource wasting.

Focus on the main optimization’s areas of the website

In the afternoon we will focus onSEO copywriting and its practical declinations: Carmine Di Donato will offer a new point of view on link building, providing a crossed study on branding, broken links and non-conventional activities that could lead you on the path of an effective Link Earning activity for the brand’s growth, also unveiling per la crescita del brand, svelando anche schemes and smart tricks to to gain links at minimum price. Then we will be back on the on-page contents with Gennaro Mancini’s intervention related to strategic copywriting, builded on creativity, research and deep analysis, and to his advice on how to use SEOZoom writing tools.

As a closure to our itinerary, Elisa Contessotto will be back on stage to share some insights and studies, presenting three kind of experiences and data that could come useful in various activity. To follow and be a part of the training course you need to buy the special SEO Doomsday ticket, now on sale on the event official site up until the 15th of October.

SMXL Milan 2019 main protagonists

The general SMXL Milan agenda foresees two days full of events entirely dedicated to SEO, SEM, Advertising and Social Media trainings with the best marketing experts in the world , to which is added – for the very first time – an intense workshop schedule on November the 5th.

Every session is opened by Jason Miller, Microsoft’s Head of Brand Marketing , that will offer a speech on the intersections between Research and Creativity, followed by Brendan Kane, Growth Strategist Keynote Speaker & Author, that will present a hacker oriented approach to the quick socials’ growth. After their interventions there will be the three different sessions in which the event is scheduled, a.k.a Social Media (lead by Robin Good), Paid (by Gianpaolo Lorusso) e SEO, entrusted – as mentioned – to our Ivano Di Biasi.

Every speech in the SEO session lead by Ivano Di Biasi

In the two days of activities, with the SEOZoom founder there will also be some international SEO community juggernauts, such as MD Move it Digital Marketing Agency’s Dawn Anderson, Gianluca Fiorelli (that among other things is the Founder of The Inbounder), Jono Alderson and Aleyda Solis, one of the most influencial voices on global scale. Then, in the afternoon of November the 6th, there will be a special session focused on Keyword Research lead by the one and only Bill Slawski, probably the most famous SEO expert and theorist in the whole world! And then again, the first day will continue with the speeches of Jacopo Matteuzzi, Ivan Cutolo,  and Top Rank’s Lee Odden, with Jamie Alberico that will have the responsibility to bring the event to a conclusion teaching us how to create winning contents using structured data.

We will finish on the morning of November the 7th, at 9 a.m, with the coming back of “king of SEO“, Bill Slawski, that will bring his experience to the audience of the main room before the last three sessions; for SEO Area, the second day will bring together a first part on SEO for industries – with Mondadori’s Daniela Cerrato,  Booking’s Leonardo Saroni and &Love’s  Salvatore Russo – a moment on Link Building – with an international overview sponsored by Rise’s David Amerland and Carrie Rose – a session on successful cases – presented by eFarma’s Francesco Zaccariello and David Sottimano – and a final session focused on learning the activity’s developments and tomorrow’s SEO – with Purna Virji Microsoft’s Giovanni Sacheli. In the middle of it, the interesting speech of Moz’s Britney Muller, the will open a view on the Machine Learning for SEOs e Marketers.

One of Europe’s most important SEO events right here in Milan

Basically, a rich schedule full of contents and famous names, that will really turn the SMXL event in Milan the most important italian meeting – and steadily among the top 3 most wanted on european level – dedicated to web marketing’s field training in every single form.

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