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“Web Stories are a new, exciting medium for storytelling on the web“. So begins an interesting article on the official blog of the AMP project, which tries to explain how to optimize from a SEO perspective these resources, that are conquering an increasingly important role both in the UK and USa but that, as we reported in a previous article, they still seem to be under-exploited elsewhere.

How to do SEO for Web Stories

Actually, according to experts (from which following images are taken) the optimization work starts from a seemingly simple consideration: for Web stories you have to do “do all the SEO things you would do for any other page on your website”, because the strategy that “helps rank your non-Story pages, it’ll probably help the Stories as well”.

Optimization tips for stories

However, there are some technical aspects that need to be checked and monitored. In particular, we need to make sure that the stories “are connected within your website so that your users and robots can actually discover them”, just like the pages on your site; so, if we use a sitemap , we have to include the stories as well. In the same way, “if you publish your regular web pages on social media, publish your stories too” and so on, until you get to the basic rule to optimize AMP stories: “follow the best practices that you are already applying to the rest of your website”.

Characteristics of Web Stories