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A new feature at the service of all users and, in particular, SEO consultants and agencies that want to quickly and clearly demonstrate the possible fruits of the work on sites: we are talking about Rank Simulator, a tool that precisely simulates and anticipates the impact of SEO optimization interventions on keywords and pages.

What is SEOZoom’s Rank Simulator

How much will site traffic increase by succeeding in improving the ranking of a set of target keywords? This is a crucial question not only for those working on the growth of their project, but especially for those involved in providing services and consulting to clients, who clearly would like prospectuses of quantifiable numbers and results before entrusting the management of their site, as well as requiring constant updates on the fruits of ongoing interventions.

Thanks to SEOZoom there is now a tool that allows you to quickly get the answer to the problem: in the Tools area is in fact available Rank Simulator, a feature that precisely simulates the impact of the optimization work on keywords, estimating in particular the growth effect on the site that an improvement of the current ranking could have.

How Rank Simulation Works

Rank Simulator is intuitive and easy to use: it all starts with entering the domain on which to run the simulation and selecting the keywords to analyze. We can choose the keywords manually, typing them into the search bar and then adding them by clicking on the plus button, or – more quickly and efficiently – importing an already reasoned list of keywords, saved previously with the “Your keyword research” tool; in addition, we can also save the list we created in Rank Simulator, which will always be exported among our keyword research.

Now the simulation work begins: the tool allows us, in fact, to know the current ranking and organic traffic data of each keyword and to estimate the levels that can be reached through improved positioning. In simpler terms, for each keyword we can know the estimated volume and the change in quantitative terms reaching the position in SERPs that we desire or consider realistic (by default, the tool “pushes” us towards the first position, but precisely we can also set the simulation on a position more concretely achievable by the site under consideration), and thus discover the actual and overall value of a strategic optimization work on the set of keywords under analysis.

A work plan to achieve goals

But this tool also offers another added value: by clicking on “Show work plan,” in fact, we get a kind of summary document indicating the steps to achieve the estimated goals, with the possibility of direct access to the planning of the necessary content.

First of all, in the screenshot we can read the quantification of the impact of the optimization work, showing the value of estimated traffic and visits, also in percentage terms.

And then, to facilitate the strategy, here comes the highlight of Rank Simulator: the identification of URLs to be improved or new content needed to intercept the keywords analyzed and achieve the expected results.

In practice, the tool creates a document (downloadable in .doc format) that describes precisely the Work Plan that can lead us to the simulated traffic improvement, dividing the interventions between ” Pages to improve” and “New pages to create”. As mentioned, the former are those that already have keywords ranked on Google but in positions of lower visibility than the simulation, and therefore require content improvement and SEO revision (perhaps even through link building actions). When the tool does not find referral pages for the keywords under analysis (i.e., if the URLs are in positions above 50th or if there is no content that intercepts them), it advises us to create new pages and then make content that is optimized according to SEO copywriting best practices.

In both cases, the tool gives us immediate possibilities for action, because it leads us directly to editing or creating content through the Schedule Article (which directs to the Editorial Plan for editors, with the possibility of assigning the article to the copywriters involved in the project) or Assistant (which takes us to SEOZoom’s Editorial Assistant) buttons.

Rank Simulator, an ideal tool for agencies and SEO consultants

Supporting with predictive data an estimate to be presented to clients, directing the work of consulting and site optimization towards more profitable pages and keywords or, simply, identifying at a glance a cluster of keywords on which to act as a priority for our project: there are many situations in which Rank Simulator can prove to be a useful tool, speeding up and simplifying our daily activities.

In the first instance, this applies to agencies, consultants and SEO specialists, as mentioned, who may find it difficult to talk to clients who own sites, who ask for “numbers” to understand the potential value of optimization work. But even those working on a personal blog can find benefit from using Rank Simulator as an ally in researching what to prioritize activities and areas where there are more opportunities (and potential returns) to take action and actually try to climb the SERPs.

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