Four aces for SEOZoom: we celebrate a special birthday!

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We have come a long way since that December 15th 2015, the day of SEOZoom’s official debut, right after the end of a long phase of development and testing: we were the smallest organization in a huge market already filled with lots of international competitors back then, but we were also ambitious and driven by the determination and will to emerge from the crowd. Four years later, we can really be proud of what we built, but most of all we still are always ready to carry on the work in order to bring both SEOZoom and our Max all over the globe!

Ivano Di Biasi e Giuseppe Liguori al lavoro su SEOZoom

Four aces for SEOZoom

2019 has surely been a pitoval year for our suite: they have been months of work, development, rushing pressure, significant recognitions and brand new ideas that will blossom in the forthcoming future! Challenges to us have always been an important spur and for that we are constantly looking for new ones to tackle in order to keep on running and improve!

New suite features in 2019

Wanting to take a stroll down this past year’s memory lane, in 2019 we realeased innovative features such as seasonal keywords, the Knowledge Graph Search or the Interest Finder specifically designed for whoever works with Amazon affiliations; more importantly, we completely overturned the analysis of sites entered in a project with the new Content section which simplifies and improves both page monitoring and trend readability of published contents, with an immediate display on wasted crawl budget and other SEO errors that can undermine a site’s performance on Google.

It was the launching year of our SEO spider, as well, a tool for the scanning and monitoring of sites directly included inside the suite, and of SEOZoom Domains, a simplified open tool specific to whoever wants to quickly analyze any random site. We have also transformed our entire system of subscription plans, introducing for the first time ever a specific version dedicated to those blogger searching for a support to make their online activity more effective.

SEOZoom abroad: UK debut and not only

But we kept our word on last birthday’s promise, too: on February has officially started the testing phase of SEOZoom UK for the United Kingdom’s Web, and in the following months we also devoted ourselves to lay the foundations of multilanguage versions dedicated to strategic markets like US english, french and spanish ones.

For our debut on the land of Albion we also had two particularly significant moments, with the Search Engine Journal article dedicated to the discovery of our suite and, most of all, Ivano Di Biasi’s intervention at BrightonSEO, one of the most influential global events about our subject.

Speaking of events, moreover, impossible not to mention other two prominent occasions in which our team – Max leading the way – was not only present, but main character: this year we brought our ZoomDay to Rimini first, at Web Marketing Festival, and then to Milan at SMXL19. In both cases, and we say this putting modesty aside for a second, it was a staggering success, with over the limit jam-packed halls and persuaded appreciations from the audience for the SEO training path we provided.

The challenge continues: SEOZoom 2.0 is coming

These pictures dating back four years recount the hopes and pinch of madness we had in trying our luck on this adventure: today we reached some major milestones – can we say it? We are the most used SEO suite in Italy, chosen by over 25k companies, with the monitoring of over 1.3 billion keywords, 64 million domains and 3 billion URLs – but we have not a single intention to “rest on our laurels”.

SEOZoom’s evolution sever stopped and will continue to go full throttle, also thanks to all the feedbacks and indications provided to us by our online community, that often turn into cues for new improving works. Alongside this (let’s say) daily activity, we are already committed to 2020 big challenge: the launch of an entirely renewed suite, a SEOZoom 2.0 of some sort, even more highly performing, efficient and user-friendly!

By next year, then, multilanguage versions of our suite should be fully completed, so that it would really be possible to use our SEO tools (in the meantime increased to 45!) to compete on Google from all over the world!

The biggest surprise: an international SEO event in Naples!

Last but not least, there surely are two red-circled highlighted days on the calendar: on September 11th and 12th we will bring to Naples the truest gotha of international SEO for an event never ever seen before here in the south of Italy! After partecipating so many field events over the years both in the north of Italy and abroad, we had a revolutionary idea, trying to debunk the classic stereotypes and the whole perception that “from the outside” one can have on our city.

We were all born and raised in Naples, we live in Naples and work in Naples and it is very important to us to emphasize this bond: so to always follow the “go big or go home” philosophy, we thought about an exceptional and unique location: our worldwide Castel dell’Ovo! Not bad at all for a SEO event, uh?