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UTM stands for “Urchin Tracking Module” and refers to a system of URL parameters used to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns in web analytics.

UTM parameters can be added to URLs to report specific details about where traffic is coming from to Google Analytics and other analytics tools.

There are five standard UTM parameters that can be used:

  • utm_source (identifies the source of traffic, such as a search engine or newsletter name).
  • utm_medium (indicates the marketing medium used, such as email or CPC).
  • utm_campaign (specifies the name of the advertising or promotional campaign).
  • utm_term (used to track keywords in a paid advertising campaign).
  • utm_content (used to differentiate similar ads or links pointing to the same URL).

The use of UTM parameters allows marketers to measure the effectiveness of different marketing strategies and campaigns by providing detailed data on user behavior and conversions.