SEOZoom\'s update log
25 March 2024

Update: SERP Observatory

Change for the iconography and chart display in SERP Observatory, which serves to make it even easier and more intuitive to read and understand the data.

The new symbol system references classic “weather” images:

  • The thunderstorm icon – dark gray cloud with lightning – indicates that the data detected by SEOZoom is reporting very high activity, with relevant changes within the SERPs.
  • The rain icon – light gray cloud with raindrops – indicates high activity, above the historical average.
  • The sun icon tells us that Google activity is regular and results do not deviate from the average.
  • The clear moon icon indicates moderate activity, lower than the standard fluctuation rate.

On the graph, however, a four-colored dot system has been introduced:

  • Red for very high activity.
  • Yellow for high activity.
  • Blue for regular activity.
  • Light blue for below-average activity.

In addition, two colored bands also appear in the graphs, which visually identify the standard average of variations on the SERPs: the green colored one encloses precisely the average recorded level of activity, while the yellow one embraces variations toward more intense movements. Also added is the “G” symbol along the x-axis, indicating times when official Google updates have been released, to better frame the variations.

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