SEOZoom\'s update log
8 November 2023

New metric: Traffic Share

There is a new metric in SEOZoom: it is called Traffic Share and it is used to identify the best content that competes for a specific keyword or with a URL.

As explained by our CEO Ivano in a video, this metric appears as a detailed table in Analyze Keyword and as a column with percentage indication in Analyze URL/Competitor. It shows the percentage distribution of overall traffic for the entire cluster of keywords that reference the search intent, thus extending the analysis not only to the main keyword or keyword of interest, but to the entire related set.

Thanks to this metric, it is possible to immediately understand who is the strongest competitor for the topic, the one who has made the most compelling content for Google beyond individual keyword placements and thus garners the largest share of traffic, and also to find out how much “room” there is for competition.