SEOZoom\'s update log
21 December 2023

New feature: Social Opportunities

We have introduced a new feature designed to ferret out all keywords that have competing sites and social to offer insights for a better multichannel content production strategy.

“Social Opportunities” is located in the Projects Keyword section and allows you to identify all keywords for which Google shows content from social media or User-Generated Content sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest in search results. In detail, the function analyzes industry keywords and identifies opportunities through a competitor analysis, which can be automatic or customized by manually entering known competitors. The summary table shows crucial data for multichannel strategies, including the type of social platform or UGC in the top 10 for the keyword, global and estimated traffic volume for the social result, search intent, seasonality, and Keyword Opportunity and Keyword Difficulty values.

Currently, the feature monitors platforms that rank organic results, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Quora, with plans to continually update to include new social platforms as soon as they are included in Google search results.