Guide to the AVIF format for images: high quality and low weight

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Better compression, but above all better quality output per byte, while maintaining a visually appealing appearance: the premises with which the AVIF image format is presented are definitely interesting, especially for websites that use a lot of images and that are constantly looking for solutions to reduce the “weight” of published resources, so as to make page loading faster and thus provide a smooth and fast browsing experience for users, as expected on the other hand also by the thresholds of Google’s Core Web Vitals. Let’s set out to discover AVIF, its history, its features and, indeed, the practical benefits that can be derived from choosing this format for images.

What is AVIF Format

AVIF is an open, royalty-free image format based on the AV1 video codec standardized by the Alliance for Open Media, introduced as of 2019 and progressively spreading across the Web, resulting also in increased support at the level of browsers, image CDNs, WordPress plug-ins and encoding tools.

To be precise, the term AVIF is an acronym for AV1 Image File Format and can be simplistically described as the image version of the popular AV1 video format. In other words, it is a standard for storing still and animated images that, according to the promoting team, opens a new era in the world of digital image formats, as it is designed to be the successor to traditional image formats such as JPEG, PNG and GIF, offering superior compression and better image quality compared to these.


Come appaiono i file AVIF

AVIF was developed by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), a consortium of top tech companies such as Google, Cisco, Mozilla and Netflix, which aimed to create a new open source encoding format that was both cutting-edge and royalty-free. The first version of AVIF was released in February 2019, and today-just four years later-almost all browsers support AVIF, as revealed in the caniuse graphics.

What are the main features of AVIF

AVIF can be an excellent choice for serving images on the web, experts write: this format is fast to encode and decode, providing good quality rendering and effective file size compression, and is currently the most efficient way to deliver animations on the web.

The high encoding speed and high visual quality are critical for implementing image compression on a large sca