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Content Focus (SEOZoom)

Content Focus is a metric originating in SEOZoom that indicates at a glance the distribution of search intentions of users interested in that particular content.

Present in the Keyword Analysis dashboard, this feature is triggered by starting with a keyword: SEOZoom analyzes the competitors ranked in the top10 on Google and shows, in the form of a bar, the percentage breakdown of the intent of all the keywords for which their pages ranked. The sum of the percentages may not add up to 100%, but this is normal since the same keyword can also have multiple search intent.

Content Focus is especially designed for those who work with e-commerce or affiliate sites, because it allows them to immediately understand the focus to give to the content, assessing whether the target users are also interested in in-depth aspects of the products or services, such as guides, explanations, elucidation of specific features, comparisons or warnings. It is therefore a useful tool for not writing content focusing only on the most important keyword and related search intent, extending the analysis to all shades of intent met by competitors.