SEOZoom\'s update log
3 February 2023

Update: Time Machine

Our development team completely rewrote the Time Machine’s analysis engine, with relevant effects on per-user scans and limits as well.

If the old tool identified a total of keywords (varying according to the user’s plan) that had had large traffic swings from a DATE1 to a DATE2 and provided in output those that were up, those that were down, and the pages whose traffic had worsened or improved, now the mechanism changes: first, the plan limit is now applied at the time of providing the data in output, and not upstream.

More importantly, the scanning system is also different, now providing more detail: the tool now identifies the 100,000 keywords in DATA1 and the 100,000 keywords in DATA2 that have had changes in positions from the first page of Google or entered TOP 10, and thus has a larger and more enormous database to conduct the analysis. In output, the new Time Machine applies precisely the limits of the plan separately for each analysis: in the case of the Professional plan, for example, the user will be able to view 10000 keywords up and 10000 down, and then 1000 pages up and 1000 pages down.

With the new version, the Time Machine proves to be an ideal tool for identifying the causes of a drop in traffic or for studying increases in competitor traffic, so that it has support in quickly identifying what went wrong with the website or what induced growth.