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The countdown is now down to less than a 100 days to the opening of the SMXL Milan event, at its 7th edition, planned from the 5th to the 7th of November at  MiCo – Milano Congressi in Piazza Carlo Magno, and us here at SEOZoom will be its official sponsor and will have a thicker  role in what still remains one of the main italian meetings dedicated to SEM, Advertising, Social Media and SEO trainings.

SEOZoom @ SMXL Milan 2019

Let’s begin with news about us, starting from Ivano Di Biasi‘s involvement within the kermesse: our CEO is – infact – chairman SEO at SMXL Milan 2019, with the duty to plan and manage every speech and all of the speakers that will participate throughout the days of this big event.

Up to this very moment, some of the most globally famous panelists have confirmed their presence. Among them, Bill Slawski, Aleyda Solis, Britney Muller, Google’s Lizzie Klein and Gianluca Fiorelli, but the program of the sections correlated to Search Engine Optimization curated by our boss is still in progress.

SEO Doomsday, a Zoomday in Milan

And that’s not it! At least about what is concerning SEOZoom: we have also planned an advanced training session on how to effectively use our suite and the main topics on onsite and offsite optimizations. It is called SEO Doomsday and it actually is some kind of Zoomday transferred in Milan, with our team on stage giving speeches on various areas of the SEO job.

On November 6th, from 10 a.m to 5.30 p.m we will talk keyword research, tecnical SEO, link building’s campaigns, but we’ll also have a focus on contents and a look at some case examples in order to easily and effectively understand hoe to create winning strategies. As happened before – like WMF19 – we will show the audience how SEOZoom can lead and support every aspect of the website’s activity, always confirming itself the ideal companion of every kind of online business.

SMXL Milan 2019, the Event program

The attendees of the three SMXL – The World Search Marketing Conference + Expo days will get in touch with  SEM, Advertising, Social Media and SEO professionals and with the Marketing Searchers community, getting to meet and interact with the top field experts and specialists in the whole world.

“Training” is keyword here, right from the first day, when we’re planning 20 Marketing Searchers Bootcamps, a.k.a a series of workshops dedicated to every digital marketing aspect, distributed on 4 subjects: Website, Content, ADV and Strategy. On November 6th and 7th we will go on with the parallel session on Social Media, SEM and SEO: if, as mentioned, Ivano Di Biasi has received the duty to manage the SEO area, his collegues are Gianpaolo Lorusso on Paid session and Robin Good for Social Media.

Ticket’s cost: look out for coupons!

Let’s get to the practical info: the tickets for the SMXL Milan 2019 global event are now on sale on the official website in different methods and packs; to access the SEO Doomsday and the SEOZoom dedicated hall with it you will need to buy an additional 45 euros ticket. Although, in the next few weeks, we will release some discount coupons for our users to benefit, so always keep an eye on our blog and social media channels to be sure not to lose these chances!

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