SEOZoom’s case study: how to make a SEO consultancy effective

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In the past few months we have listened to all kind of  SEOZoom’s users, sharing with you a fair amount of successful stories about their winning use of our suite’s SEO tools; up until now, the main characters of these stories have been the same owners and managers of the projects that, rolling up their sleeves, have put themselves to work with it firsthand. Today, instead, we will host a SEO consultant, Leonardo Guerrini, that is willing to recount the SEO project he has lately handled about the website.

The optimization of Brescia Pet Grooming Salon

This kind of website is selling pet accessories, dogbeds and wooden doghouses in particular, reporting to “Mangiar da Cani”, a physical shop in Brescia’s province. Leonardo Guerrini, web marketing freelancer specialized in SEO projects (and WMI’s Connection Manager for about a month now), has worked side by side his client focusing on the kind of articles useful to the core business, establishing fixed goals: to enhance the website’s visibility and to increase its  online sellings.

When the web marketing project with Mangiar da Cani began, says our user, “the website was a static version that did not fit mobile screens and with a very low rank on search engines”. A quick look at Web Archive would easily show how the pages were before the intervention: we are talking about March 2018 and the serious need of improvements was crystal clear!

The improving works on the website

The new version of the website went online on December 2018, but the SEO analysis needed to uncover its potentials began a couple of months prior, Leonardo says. At the beginning, he confesses, “I hadn’t a SEOZoom subscription yet (sic!), that’s why I had to borrow it from a client of mine that very kindly agreed to let me use it for the first analysis” …and to know about it, for that matter.

Using SEOZoom to analyze and optimize web pages

First, I have used the SEOZoom’s section called “Analyze” and the  “Quick Audit” feature in particular, that “let me had a summarized report, with two main benefits:

  • On one hand, I was immediately able to get the website starting point and his unexpressed potentials concerning its rankings.
  • On the other, Quick Audit allowed me to send my client a summarized report, easy to read even for people who are not in this field”.

Our consultancy’s startin