How does Google Research work: indexing and ranking

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It is the daily work tool for  SEO, the reference all SEO specialists look at monitoring its variations (perhaps using the most reliable rank tracker out there!) and the pain of all those are not currently succeeding in reaching the coveted first page. How many of you truly know how does Google Research work and how are the contents actually displayed within Google Search pages?

What is the Google indexing?

Let’s start from technical notions and the basic meaning of indexing a site, essential topic to understand how Google Search works. With the term indexing we refer to the simple inclusion of a web site inside the search engine database, a.k.a the Google index that is described like a list of all the web pages known by Google.

Google indexing, how the scan works

In order to index a site, the search engine uses data gathered with a scan carried out by Google’s crawler – the famous Googlebot – that travels in search of new sites and simultaneously verifying previously monitored contents to report any variations due to the adding at the Google index; alternatively, is the site owner that personally notifies the URL to Google through the Search Console.

Sites that do not appear on Research

It goes without saying, but to launch a site online and not to be on Google (we are not talking about poor performance on it, but rather of absolute absence) is like owning a phone line no one knows the number of. It is always useful to specify that not all sites are added to the Google index and in some cases it is a choice (deliberate or not) of owners and managers, as recounted by John Mueller at the beginning of the year speaking about his biggest SEO success.

What is the noindex tag

We are specifically talking about the noindex tag that can be used to block Googlebot’s scan on the referral page or downright the whole site; whether one chooses to use the <meta> tag or the HTTP answer header, communicating the noindex to Google means to let him remove any correlated resources from Search, “regardless of the presence or not of other sites including links aiming towards the page”, as guidelines say.

What is Google ranking

Once the phase of scanning and indexing ends, we get closer to the heart of SEO activities, a.k.a the actual ranking on Google: from a technical point of view, to rank a site means to make it