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The bulk data export is a fairly recent feature introduced in Google Search Console, which allows, as you might guess, data to be exported from the platform into Google BigQuery on an ongoing basis. Most likely to benefit from the feature are large websites with tens of thousands of pages, or those receiving traffic from tens of thousands of queries per day, but it is still useful for everyone to learn how to handle this opportunity, and a video from the Search Console Training series walks us through all the necessary steps.

Search Console and data export, a lesson from Google

Leading us through this in-depth study is, as usual, Daniel Waisberg, who in the latest episode of the YouTube lessons is devoted precisely to data exports from Search Console, analyzing the various opportunities available and making a specific focus on collective extraction, called “a powerful solution for archiving and analyzing Search Console data.”

How to export data from Search Console: the ways available to you

The first and easiest way to export data is through the user interface, the Search Advocate confirms us: most reports have an export button that allows us to export up to 1,000 rows.

Second, we can leverage Looker Studio and use the official Search Console connector to create dashboards with performance data. In this case, we can get up to 50,000 rows.

Third, the API allows performance pull, URL checking, sitemaps and site data; again, like Looker Studio, the limit is 50,000 rows.

Finally, the last and most powerful way to export performance data from Search Console is precisely the collective data export, which allows for the largest amount of data via GoogleBigQuery. Aside from anonymous queries, which are always filtered, this function has no row limits: we will get all the queries and pages we have on Search Console.

How to set up and take advantage of collective data export in GSC

After this brief comparison of current data export solutions in GSC, Waisberg gets to the heart of the lesson and shows us how to set up, manage, and leverage bulk data exports.

A bulk data export is a daily scheduled operation to derive Search Console performance data, which is available only to those who own a property in GSC, and includes all the data used by Search Console to generate performance reports. The data is exported to Google BigQuery, where you can run SQL queries for advanced data analysis or even export it to another system.

As we said, this feature is especially useful for large Web sites with tens of thousands of pages, or those receiving traffic from tens of thousands of queries per day, or both.

To use this feature, the Googler anticipates, we need to be familiar with Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery and, of course, Search Console.

Set up a new bulk data export

Before starting a new export, we need to be aware that it may incur costs for us or your organization, Waisberg warns: Google BigQuery has a free tier, but charges fees for some other operations (so need to refer to the service’s official pages).

On the practical side,