ZoomDay 2022, how nice to meet in person!

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What beautiful days! We finally got to look each other in the eye again, to meet in person and share two days dedicated not only to SEO, but also to the pleasure of getting together and chatting! ZoomDay 2022 was just that, in fact: a moment of mutual enrichment, to resume a discourse interrupted by the pandemic, to do live training (and no longer just streaming and remote sessions) and real networking, but above all to dialogue on SEO topics and the latest suite news with so many users and so many friends who came from all over Italy to be with us.

Il team di SEOZoom allo Zoomday 2022

ZoomDay 2022 in Naples, the event program.

And to say that everything was starting off on the wrong foot, because of the weather: in fact, bad weather seemed to have it in for us, and both Friday and Saturday the sky greeted us with sudden downpours! Fortunately, the sun soon came out again, making the view even more enchanting from the room we chose for the event, at the Circolo Rari Nantes on the Neapolitan seafront, which looked right out over the Gulf of Naples, the Castel dell’Ovo and Vesuvius overlooking us.

Max sul Golfo di Napoli

Otherwise, the two days of SEO training went by fast, and it was really a pleasure to see old friends and meet new ones, all of whom were interested in what SEOZoom can offer to their online business and what the team could tell them about some practical topics.

In fact, the ZoomDay program took the 200 or so total attendees to discover not only the latest innovations in the suite, but also to delve into topics central to managing any kind of site, from keyword research to editorial planning, from strategic content creation to technical SEO aspects.

What was discussed: technical SEO, content and … SEOZoom!

Specifically, it was Ivano Di Biasi who opened the talks with a chat about the most interesting new features of the new suite and the advantages it offers in terms of time saved and efficiency compared to the old one. In particular, our CEO demonstrated how it changes (obviously for the better) the work of content optimization thanks to the editorial assistant and the real-time SEO (and competitor) analysis engine, which allows you to get information that would manually take weeks of work!

Giuseppe Liguori sul palco dello ZoomDay 2022

It was then Giuseppe Liguori‘s turn to turn the spotlight on a usually hostile topic, that of technical SEO and, in detail, the errors that can appear when we launch a scan of the SEOZoom spider! Thanks to Giuseppe’s advice, we were able to understand the different “weight” of the indications shown by the machine, so that we know well not only what the various items mean, but also what are the priority scales to be assigned to the work of correcting any problems found.

On the other hand, Gennaro Mancini talked about SEO Copywriting, or rather about strategic copywriting aimed at achieving objectives, starting from the latest official indications of Google, which in recent years has been inviting more and more strongly and blatantly to produce content that is “quality and useful,” as also reiterated by the recent Helpful Content Update.

In the second part of the day, Ivano returned to the “stage” to explain the technical innovations behind SEOZoom 2.0, also telling a few little technical secrets behind the functioning of the engines, algorithms, and servers that allow the suite to run every day.

Elisa Contessotto parla di Keyword Research allo Zoomday 2022

Elisa Contessotto, then, brought us back to the issues of site management with a focus on her “favorite topic”, keyword research, which today should become more and more “problem research” because people use Google to get answers to problems of various kinds, and only by understanding this assumption is it possible to get rid of old concepts and preconceptions that no longer work.

Finally, for the last talk of the program, Ivano and again Elisa offered practical insights on how to use some SEOZoom functions improperly, but incredibly effectively! Indeed, tools do not always have only one function, and with a little creativity it is possible to exploit them in the most suitable and efficient way for our purposes.

Ready for new live appointments

In short, this double day of work left us with a lot of good feelings and, above all, the desire to immediately organize something similar to meet again.

La sala dello ZoomDay 2022

As Ivano wrote on our socials, ZoomDay 2022 brought back “the desire to tell and explain what we are doing,” because confrontation is always important and the needs and suggestions that emerged in the chats and the many questions “gave us new ideas to improve more and more.”

And so, here’s the promise: it won’t be too long before we repeat our meeting, and you won’t have to wait the “classic” 12 months, also because “SEO and search engines change quickly and surely in six months there will already be so many new things,” and the challenge is to try to move to other cities to meet all users, thus offering everyone the opportunity to attend these appointments.